89 Russians Are Here

Russians Are Here

Posted on August 25, 2008 by

Russian car plates in America 1

Well, Russians are already here. They are riding among us, using our car plates with the secret Russian words embedded into them. The one above starts this series of Russian American Car Plates. It says “I’am first b*tches!”, this slangy phrase came from commenting habits to real life. So we put him first.

Sometimes they use only Latin alphabet letters, sometimes use tricks to use Latin letters or even numbers for a Cyrillic letter substitute, thus looking ambiguous for simple Americans but very obvious for any Russian meeting such a plate on the road causing him to understand that this is his fellow immigrant guy is driving ahead. We gonna decipher some of those secret messages American Russians are putting on their plates down there:

Russian car plates in America 2

“Zakon” – “The Law”. Looks like he works in some penitentiary organization – look at that fence on the background.

Russian car plates in America 3

“Armenyn” – “An Armenian”. This guy is obviously from Armenia, ex USSR part.

Russian car plates in America 4

No translation is needed, though its pretty vague what did he want to say us.

Russian car plates in America 5

“SOTONA” – “The Satan”. He is an atheist!

Russian car plates in America 6

“STERVA” – “The B*tch”. Well, she probably is.

Russian car plates in America 7

“BUMER” – In Russia they call BMW cars with this word, so he just states that he owns one.

Russian car plates in America 8

“Sam Ham” – “You are rude yourself!” Probably is helpful after a bad maneuver on the road.

Russian car plates in America 9

“Egoistka” – “The Egoist Lady”. Who isn’t?

Russian car plates in America 10

“PCHELKA” – “The little bee”. Doesn’t look like the little one.


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89 Responses to “Russians Are Here”

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  2. Guy says:

    why would anyone want to have “semen” on his plates

    • Eris says:

      Nobody wants to have semen on their plates, except maybe some rare exotic pervs.

      ‘Семён’ must be transliterated as ‘Semyon’ (‘yo’ stressed when pronounced), not ‘semen’.

  3. franco says:

    Borat is Kazak, not Uzbek!!

  4. Sam says:

    The one with the Sahara tag is a Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

  5. Alexander says:

    Tiraspol is in Moldova, not in Ukraine!!!

  6. Женя says:

    Borat is from Kazakhstan

  7. myname says:

    “Egoistka” i “pchelka” are not only russian words. Tiraspol is moldavian (Moldova), not ukrainian.

  8. burkus says:

    Hey, Borat came from Kazakistan, not Uzbekistan!

  9. geevee says:

    Borat is not from Uzbekistan, but from Kazakhstan.

  10. Feelov says:

    Наши отжыгают! )))

  11. anon says:

    Предпоследнея фотка может читатьця “здОрово”, а может “здорОво”. Или оно с а пишется? Не помню блин…

    • Eris says:

      Absolutely correct. :)
      The word ‘zdorovo’ can be read either as zd0rovo (first ‘o’ stressed), which means ‘great, terrific’, or zdor0vo (second ‘o’ stressed), which is a form of ‘wassup’ or ‘hi ya’. It depends on context. :D

  12. CZenda says:

    This behavior is not limited to Russians. My uncle, who emigrated to USA in 1969 after Soviets occupied Czechoslovakia, has a plate saying “PLZEN” on one of his Corvettes.
    Plzen is Czech city he comes from.

  13. luk says:

    niektóre są polskie. Najpierw sie dobrze zorientujcie a potem piszcie, gdyz z tego co widać to amerykanie nawet nie wiedza gdzie leży Europa a Polska to już wogóle.

  14. TheDeadEye says:

    >>“SOTONA” – “The Satan”. He is an atheist!

    Atheists don’t believe in Satan either.

    • Zafarad says:

      But Satan believes in Atheist! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • RavenRA says:

      By misspelling word сатана he is reffering to Web mem (slang word) “аццкий сотона” (Helisch Sotan) – meaning that author is really cool and his/her jokes are very sharp.

  15. Maddcowe says:

    Ha ha…Russians name their kids Semen. Tee hee.

  16. Max says:

    Strah, Zakon and Sotona are also Sebian words…

  17. ext says:

    I see the “Gruz1n” Infinity practically every single day in Brooklyn, along with “MAXIMKA”.. in fact MAXIMKA has changed 4-5 cars in the last two years or so.. starting with a new Infiniti and finishing off with some beat up old Nissan. Fun.

  18. Bilo says:

    Borat is not from Uzbekistan, but Kazakhstan.

  19. Eris says:

    Have you ever heard about irony? ;) It’s just that case.

  20. VoDkA says:

    No medved? Que?

  21. Reader says:

    I know the “EGOISTKA” lady. She is a b..ch from Poland.

  22. TheDeadEye says:

    Satan is a fictional character in a fairy tale.

  23. kissko says:

    borat is from Kazachstan… not from Uzbekistan :)

  24. Natusik says:

    Sorry – but Alena is a separate name, bot a form of Elena

  25. Natusik says:

    Sorry – but Alena is a separate name, not a form of Elena

  26. axiom says:

    Satan worshipers are not atheist. Satan worshipers believe in the physical world and it´s pleasures or are just nuts and do not understand the evolution of theology or of the Devil. ( long story, read up on it ). Atheism, as an explicit position, can be either the affirmation of the nonexistence of gods, or the rejection of theism. It is also defined more broadly as synonymous with any form of nontheism, including the simple absence of belief in deities. So, atheist are open to academics on the subject but not to some ridiculous fairy tale story to explain why we are here. Theology is not the same as science.

  27. Danny says:

    Tiraspol is not in Ukraine, thats the capital of Transnistria. Although let’s just say it is the second largest city of Moldova as no country in the world accepts the existence of Transnistria. Btw, they make hell a lot of weapons there, i guess it’s just another maffia guy with this kind of license plate, although Nissan is not a typical maffia car :).

  28. Mr.Tinkles says:

    - “The Satan”. He is an atheist!

    Atheists do not believe in any God or supreme force,it doesn’t means that atheists worships Satan

  29. Nobody says:

    I saw a license plate that said XPEH here in Maryland

  30. Rico says:

    KAPETA is also Portuguese for “The Devil”.

  31. Fool says:

    KAPETA also means the devil, satan… at Brazil…

  32. Boris Abramov says:

    Borat does anal in London i checked it.

  33. Anonim says:

    Tiraspol is in Moldova, not Ukraine. Turning into e real (dumb) american, huh?

  34. Lena says:

    Correction….Zakon could have easily been serbian.
    Pizdets definitely takes the cake ahaha.

  35. Semyon says:

    Actually, by atheist could be a satanist, but not necessarily…

  36. No Obama says:




  37. Acёл says:

    Zdorovo can also mean “i wish you well” as a greeting, or simply “Hi”.

  38. snuggles says:

    I agree.

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  40. postinint says:

    Those are all pictures from the Russian area around Brighton Beach, Bensonhurst and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.

  41. jj1910 says:

    I saw the licence plate MOHCTP in California which reads MONSTER in latin letters.

  42. Look at the first photo. That was a great russian blogger’s car.

  43. impassive says:

    Pchelka (Pchełka) and Egoistka – there are a POLISH words.

  44. impassive says:

    Pchelka (Pchełka) and Egoistka – there are a POLISH words.

  45. gieroy says:

    Something is wrong in photo #1. It looks like the car actually levitates, it’s wheels doesn’t touch the ground. Looks at the shadow it casts.

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  47. shaiya says:

    At gieroy: You aren’t very bright, are ya?

    It’s obvious to the most casual of observers that on photo #1 the sun is shining from behind (hence the glare from the liscence plate and tail lights).

    That means that the shadow you are referring to is from another object (likely a car from which the pic was taken) directly behind the infinity.

    The shadow of the infinity in question would therefore be cast directly forward and cannot be seen from this angle.

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  49. Elena says:

    “СОТОНА” – isn’t russian word! “The Satan” in russian – “САТАНА”. Bad translation.

  50. ze das cove says:

    Kapeta in brazilian portuguese has the same sound of “capeta” wich stands for “devil”

  51. Goblin says:

    There is a an auto place in Brooklyn called Lada Auto, they sell cars there and it is being run by a Russian. It is located on the corner of McDonald Avenue and Quentin Road.

    BCE CAM is a Russian marketing company or something like that in Brooklyn. The car’s owner is probably the owner of the company.

  52. Evgeny says:

    I love how the author says “Russians drive our American cars”. In fact most of the cars are from Europe and Japan. Russians are smart; they select quality!

  53. junkie one says:

    “1 Nomer” – “The Number One”, another first one.

    “1 Nomer” also a slang name for cocaine :)

  54. O tabajara says:

    “Lada Auto” on a Motosport 7xx series was the best :oD

  55. Diman says:

    наши жгут, гы,гы.

  56. wt says:

    There’s a lot of Odessa plates in NY because Little Odessa is located there, near Brighton Beach. My friend’s parents have two cars. Their plates are CKOPA and XPEH.

  57. Moscow_VT says:

    Hey how i can post picturse of licens plate on this site? cuz i have one with Russian meaning.

  58. Gamb1T says:

    „Zdorovo” – “Very cool!”. Zdorovo also mean “Hello/hi”

  59. nabar says:

    pchelka is a little flea not little bee….

  60. ХУЙ says:


  61. lol )
    MAE4KA isn’t a name of Maya, we haven’t here girls with name something like Maya

    MAE4KA means something like small t-shirt

  62. NNM says:

    I’m curious how come 2 different cars have HEXYEBO plates? Both from WA?

  63. good info…..how would you rate uniden scanners?

  64. jedna_brew says:

    at least two of those photos are showing poles: “pchelka” and “egoistka”.

  65. Ilya says:

    I got a plate that you canpost,if you interested email me ill send you a picture of my plate and a car.

  66. jeff says:

    haha why no mitsu evo? xD

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