58 Armament Exhibition

Armament Exhibition

Posted on August 25, 2008 by

Russian Weapons 1

Some Russian Armaments Exhibition for you weapons lovers.

Russian Weapons 2

Russian Weapons 3

Russian Weapons 4

Russian Weapons 5

Russian Weapons 6

Russian Weapons 7

Russian Weapons 8

Russian Weapons 9

Russian Weapons 10


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58 Responses to “Armament Exhibition”

  1. Man of Steel says:

    And no one is smiling.

  2. Coligny says:

    And now let’s welcome all the yankee’s inbred stating thet their weapon are schweet and can kick the commies ass anytime… (just to get it out of the way)…
    Now if you’ll excuse me… Maz 543… fap fap fap fap…

  3. Goran says:

    Picture always says more than a word. But the third one shows even more, the essence of Putin’s Russia: stell-glass gasprom building, a newly built orthodox church and a soviet tank ( the trinity of money,ideology and force ).

    BTW, Dok-ing is a Croatian de-mining company, not Russian:


    • Altair says:

      Actually, these buildings are occupied mostly by a large corporations, like IBM, Citibank and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  4. Feelov says:

    Enemy, wellcome!

  5. Zafarad says:

    Although i am still lover and well wisher of Soviet/Russian weapons and their advancement in this field,but i seriously feels about Russia`s lack of Newly developed weapons systems.these so called “advanced military systems” we have been watching since the collapse of CCCP! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.these electromechanical antique machines may be useful against “tiny” enemy but in larger context they might be not helpful to win the war.Russian military planners must learn some lessons from Georgian conflict,1..wisely use of air power is the better way to reduce casualty rate.2..why Russians not use satellite guided missiles,despite they owns very sophisticated surface to air and surface to surface guided missile systems.3..why they never used their regular army,instead of legendary “vostok battalion” ! ! ! ! ! ! !i hope “next time” Putin use his weapons and tactics wisely! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • YankeeNoodle says:

      I read somewhere that the Russian air power couldn’t even hit the ground if it weren’t for gravity.

      • J says:

        LOL! Russia is so funny. You murder you Czar to put Lenin into power. He runs your country into the ground and gives way to Stalin. Stalin murders 10’s of thousands.

        Your country is destroyed. Your culture is gone. Your people have starved and died for nothing; you have accomplished nothing. Putin will reinstitute the throne and he will be the next Czar of Russia.

        You are a country full of foolish pawns. “Look at us! We don’t need your material things!” Yeah, great job you proud Russian.

        • Vitos says:

          If you knew though a bit history, you would not talk so…

        • sstan says:

          As to killing Romanov family it was Kaganovich not Lenin.
          Everything was prearranged by Rotschilds as revange to
          another tsar hundred years before. All major wars were
          pre-staged from City of London. Search the internet dummy.

      • werwulf says:

        Funny, I heard American F-15’s got their asses kicked by German Mig-29’s

  6. sucky sucky says:

    Are these like the weapons russia used to kill rape and loot the Geogian civilians?? Are these like the ones used to rob the bank in Gori??

    • nonbreakingspace says:

      Probably, but why don’t you keep your politicizing to yourself.

    • Eris says:

      Actually not. Those you mention are probably Ukrainian, bought by Shakeasswilly. Better ask your fellow Georgian Military where did they get Russian uniform.

    • Zafarad says:

      Absolutely not.the weapons and military gears you not mention above,are actually belongs to the U ASS trained and equipped Saakashvili`s George`s Georgian Army or U ASS trained Mercenaries! ! ! ! ! ! ! !they(Georgians)looted and systematically raped poor Ossetian civilians.Russians are the saviours and soldiers of peace.may God gives you the power of speaking Truth! ! ! ! ! ! !Dear suck! ! ! !.and in last you said some Russian soldiers enter in the Gori bank and looted some cash,dude they(Russian)has ATM cards and they decide to have some cash to “shopping”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! fukedientes veer ints dierton offe assts! ! ! !ok

    • werwulf says:

      Yeah, kinda like the American ones, like doing, like the same in like, Iraq and Afghanistan. Jesus, go back to school and learn how to use the word LIKE!

  7. VoDkA says:

    In soviet Russia, crisis missiles you?

  8. Scrat335 says:

    They weren’t taking on a large army. They knew what they needed to do the job and the 58th army was it. Hell on the second day the Georgians were running like scalded dogs, why waste to good stuff on a herd of terrified sheep?

  9. Antiboratistmovementactivest says:

    Wow! ! ! ! ! ! !how realistic approach you show man.you are 1000% right.some pro U ASS operators used Russian arms and uniforms to blame Russians.no one talk about George`s Georgians atrocities in South ossetiaen and Abkhazein.please carry on your views,thanks.

    • Zafarad says:

      Hi. Mr Sartorious,don`t bet on my age! ! ! ! ! ! ! !because i have another “silly”secret.are you allergic of Russians?what is story behind this?please tell us.every truth look like silly jock.i don`t care of any thing about my comments but at least you took me a”serious”.carry on and don`t take bet on “silly”guys! ! ! ! ! ! !

  10. Zafarad says:

    Yes,you are right.my concern is that,Georgian himself not responsible for this war.U ASS is the “puppet master” and “background music director”.so Russian must show off their superiority of their military power.Air power is the key to success.

  11. Sokolov says:

    Wow, the BRAHMOS looks deadly!

  12. kkk says:

    lame plastic toys…made in china!

  13. Golets says:

    As depicted in many of these photos, it’s nice to see the Russian Orthodox Church back into the arms business. Parking the weaponry right on sacred property is fitting. Moreover, long gone are the days of, “come kill a commie for mommie”, as the x-KGB puppet has become the FSB puppet master.

    So when do we get the real live, destructive test, of ALL these weapons? Soon I hope. It’s time to thin the herd.

  14. Zafarad says:

    Where??????????????????????????????????????????????????????please guide us,Mr Noodle ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  15. lorenai says:

    No, in soviet Russia wodka drinks you :)

  16. Weaponsfor peace says:

    All looses must react same! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  17. There’s some interesting weaponry there but much of it doesn’t look very new. I think a lot of it is vintage early 90s with some older stuff thrown in.

    The nice clean tanks and APCs are a real contrast to those I’ve seen on Youtube videos on the recent action in Georgia. Real tanks in action are dirty and spew black smoke. Tanks have ugly armour attachments on the turret. Since the Georgian army was probably using identical equipment I also noticed Russian APCs that had been painted with large ugly letters on them, probably to delineate friend from foe.

    Also notice the tank-like vehicles with incredibly large guns. They’re not tanks but mobile artillery. Not useful in tank on tank action but great if you want to shell enemy positions quickly from miles away soon after advancing or retreating from a previous position (ordinary artillery – howitzers towed by trucks – is cheaper to build than mobile artillery but not as easy to move around quickly. That’s why modern armies have both)

    • Bogatyr says:

      You’re right but it is nice to see something that is not rusting and decying on ER for a change. I’m afraid there are no functional engines in there, though, this is just for display purposes. But anyway.

      Let’s also hope none of the bystanders are going to operate this machinery. Judging from the looks of them (subjective, I admit) they should not be allowed to handle anything remotely more dangerous than a powder puff. Which they probably do. They might hurt someone, otherwise ! Or themselves !

  18. MINK says:

    a little knowledge is a terrible thing.

  19. Swede says:

    I love russians they show that they are the true power!!

  20. equus-skia says:

    so how many divisions of T-26’s are the Russians fielding these days? (22nd pic from the bottom)

  21. Miss India says:

    Hopefully 130 million poor russians have enough food to eat tonight while their lunatic leaders are busy making weapons to invade georgia.

  22. Israeltianin says:

    Позвольте мне ответить за янки, как израильтянин. Правительство США перестало быть функцией интересов американского народа. Буш и его друзья – это преступная клика, которая подкупом и обманом захватила власть и кормит всех своих друзей – военную индустрию, индустрию национальной безопасности (которая в Израиле существует по необходимости, а в штатах её не было и её создают с нуля по нашему образцу), нефтяные компании и так далее.

    Американцы в большинстве своём не понимают, ЧТО делает преступная администрация Буша. Американская “свободная” пресса элементарно скуплена. Белый дом диктует прессе новости. Всё что осталось – это жёлтая пресса, которую читают лишь самые бедные слои. Знаете ли Вы, что прямо сейчас происходит запуск импичмента Президента? Американцы тоже об этом не знают. Масс-медия умалчивает об этом. Она молчит и о расхождениях в идеологии кандидата Обамы, и о лжи второго кандидата МакКейна. Она нагло лжёт – включая гнуснейшие фабрикации – об Осетии и Абхазии, пока продажное правительство пытается спровоцировать конфликт, дразня Россию ракетами.

    То, что происходит сейчас, не является выражением воли американского народа. К сожалению, пройдёт ещё много времени перед тем как американцы поймут. Они слишком хорошо живут и могут позволить себе не прислушиваться к мнениям других наций. За это они и поплатятся, к сожалению.

  23. formukrainewithlove says:

    Russia doesn’t contribute to the world? Is the education level in your country that low? Or your just brainwashed by western propaganda? Many great compositors athletes writers scientist and inventors are from Russia. Then if it weren’t for Russia next winter whole of Western Europe would freeze to death. As for Georgia a country that small with only 3 million population has contributed a lot to the world.

    If you’re from USA that would explain a lot, you americans always think you’re doing the right things on earth. By contributing to the world and exterminating a whole race (native americans) now going after Iraq’s and Afghans, tying to get after Russia for some reason I don’t know. Blwoing up your own buildings (WTC). Testing weapons on your own people (1964 weapon test on native american village). i can go on and on and on and on and on and on.

  24. i2 says:

    picture 30 is photoshopped

  25. [...] gars de chez English Russia sont allés voir la récente exposition internationale des forces terrestres de défense à Moscou. [...]

  26. Niels R. says:

    Sometimes I smile if I read comments like this… Is that alright with you?

  27. Texas1 says:

    I like U.S military gays !

  28. sovietrat says:

    Man I agree, as much as I love Russian military power, and equipment, losses in Georgia were disappointing and unacceptable. Taking out SAM sites should have been a first priority before sending ground attack planes in…

  29. Lutra Lutra says:

    все получите пезды вот что это значит

  30. Simon says:

    South Korean received some BMP3 and T-80s instead of money Russia owed to S. Korea. BTW, S.Korea ADD(Agency for Defense Development) has been studying BMP3 technology to make some Korean version BMP in future. Currently, S. Korea has many K1 tanks and bland new black leopard tanks but their APC is far weaker than BMP3. So they want to study it, I guess.

  31. brbrbr says:

    Simon i can say clear and loud, thats S Korean tanks weaker than BMP-3[even in AT role], let alone S Korean IFV’s and/or comparing to Russian MBT’s.
    K1 is improvisation “in general”.
    S Korea become desperate, when their Northern oponenet get T-55 and T-62 decades ago and they have only M-48 and few M-60 to counter this.
    so yes, sure, they eventually think to improve/replace K1 in future.

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