26 Bentley in the Field

Bentley in the Field

Posted on August 21, 2008 by

Bentley in Russia 1

In some parts of Russia they need luxury cars like Bentley to drive in the fields too. Sometimes they drive too fast where there are no roads and crash their beautiful luxury mechanics, like this one from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Bentley in Russia 2

Bentley in Russia 3

Bentley in Russia 4

Bentley in Russia 5

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26 Responses to “Bentley in the Field”

  1. Norway=) says:

    Id buy and fix up that bentley in a flash =)

  2. wokl says:

    locals statet, that baltika No.7 is sold for RUB 30 in the shop in the background, but they prefer Stary Melnik.

  3. Maverick says:

    figlio di puttana

  4. Alex says:

    This one seriously couldn’t drive. And if you can’t drive: don’t buy a Bentley. Sad thing.

  5. Vitaliy says:

    Fine, just fine!

  6. Zafarad says:

    Vodka+luxury car+newly rich guy+no road around+in Russia=RIP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  7. Harry says:

    Too true, too true

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  9. big fat jew says:

    First! FIRST!

  10. w says:

    Being that rich youd probably have a pretty mean social life anyway…how would you not crash your Bentley? The sweets of success if you ask me.

  11. Koza says:

    wyklepie siem ;)

  12. Deyan says:

    Just fall out of the Russian Mafia. There’s probably like evidence of a murder crime in there haha. That’s the only logical explanation as to why it’s left there like that.

  13. ruski says:

    i hate to be vain
    but that car wreck reminds me of me

  14. Bjartur says:

    Actually, a very reasonable explanation would be that the car was stolen.

  15. Helga says:

    Oh! poor car! It was so beautiful! May be the driver thought that his Bentley is overoad car? :)

  16. Danny says:

    Why using Bentleys for racing? Take a proper Honda Type R and hit the road, not a luxurious car. :)

  17. American Empire says:

    it fell from an American Airliner flying low over the landscape to view the impovished Ivans

  18. Bilosh says:

    OK – I tell you now. I crash evil capitalist propaganda machine because it make my neighbors wife to become wery sexy toward me. She look like cow face :(((

  19. mira says:

    Ich lese deinen Blog jetzt doch schon eine ganze weile aber irgendwie hab ich nie einen Kommentar zu deinen Artikeln geschrieben. Wollte jetzt aber endlich mal ein Lob aussprechen, sind richtig gute Artikel welche du hier jedes mal schreibst. Ich hoffe es kommen noch einige weitere interessante Artikel.

  20. Vadym says:

    Ggg. Bentley driver lucky. Very often Russian posts stronger expensive cars

  21. That looks like a bad car wreck. He must have been drinking and driving. Such a waste of a great car.

    Car Wreck Attorneys

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