30 St. Petersburg, 19th Century

St. Petersburg, 19th Century

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st. petersburg  1

Russian famous city two centuries ago.

st. petersburg  2

st. petersburg  3

st. petersburg  4

st. petersburg  5

st. petersburg  6

st. petersburg  7

st. petersburg  8

st. petersburg  9

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30 Responses to “St. Petersburg, 19th Century”

  1. james says:

    So much space between the buildings

  2. JouHou says:

    One can see very many of those buildings also nowadays. Great architecture!

  3. JouHou says:

    One can also see very many of those buildings nowadays. Great architecture!

  4. Matthew Carrick says:

    Where in hell are the people? Let me guess: in penal colonies! What do I win?

  5. AndersonBMX says:

    They told the same about my town in the early XX century…
    today you can’t find a place to park your car.
    (of course , i’m not comparing Belo Horizonte with St. Petersburg, but both are planned cities)

  6. btdown says:

    St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities…I would move back there in a second if I could get a decent job.

  7. krr says:

    2 centures before there were mo photography yet.
    I would say this is the very end of 18xx

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  9. [...] English Russia ran a pictorial a few days ago with images of Saint Petersburg from the mid to late 1800s, pretty much the golden era for the city when it was the capital of Russia and the tsars were at the height of their power. Originally modeled after Dutch cities that Peter the Great admired, the architecture in the city is unlike anything anywhere else in Russia. Far from the painted tent tops of buildings like Saint Basil’s in Moscow, Saint Petersburg’s buildings had white marble fronts with neo-Classical sensibilities. The whole city was the culmination of Peter the Great’s mission to make Russia part of the Western world. [...]

    • maxD says:


      St. Pete is the only European city in Russia. Moscow is a disaster, and with Luzjkov at the helm it’s not improving, concrete and glass bricks are erected everywhere..

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  11. Kris says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  12. Chipo says:

    It looks so much better without cars.

  13. geevee says:

    Where the hell are copyrights?

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  15. Zafarad says:

    Just capitalist propeganda.where the hell labors gone?Revouluton in making! ! ! ! ! !

  16. Eris says:

    А их и сейчас нет

  17. P-Diddy says:


  18. P-Diddy in USA says:


    I would go to Russia if it wasn’t so hard to get a visa to travel there.

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  20. Gerry says:

    This and other series of old photos posted here, and at other Russki sites are quite interesting. I would just like (as many others would) some explanation/captions of just what we’re seeing here, and at similar displays elsewhere not involving Rossia. I’ve been to ‘Sant’ twice so catch some of it – Winter Palace, Stock Exchange, Light houses, (is it? St. Pauls?). But most foreigners will not recognize anything, so meaning is lost.
    I see these unexplained images all over the internet and find it careless and even deplorable. Why bother posting/downloading to “English/Russian” what you are unwilling to explain???

  21. Maddcowe says:

    Where are all the naked women?

  22. macy says:

    yeah, visit russia before russia visits you!

  23. hao says:

    as a Russian David Blaine, in part due to doing a 48-day fast in a sealed chamber) were posted to EnglishRussia, showing him doing a one-hour immersion in the cold water of a hole in the ice of the Moscow River, [...]

    Reply to this comment

  24. Discount says:

    Great town. I hope I ll visit it next year.

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