10 10 Men Power

10 Men Power

Posted on August 19, 2008 by

Towing a big transport plane? No problem, a towing force of just 10 men power is what needed to do that.

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10 Responses to “10 Men Power”

  1. Polina says:

    That’s an Antonov, right?

  2. JohnP says:

    the plane is towering itself
    they’re just making sure the metal piece won’t hit the ground

  3. mac605 says:

    Yes, it’s Comrade Antonov and his 9 brothers…


  4. brian t says:

    Once you overcome friction, it’s all about putting kinetic energy in. Which leads to another problem: once it’s moving, can you stop it? Bozhe moi…

  5. meshka says:

    breaks work regardless of the plane being on or not.. so yea you can stop it. squeezing them depends on the person behind the wheel.

  6. Fool says:

    the video is reverse of couse…

  7. Juhani says:

    planes cant move backwards without being towed.

    The weight of 10 persons is about 900kg.
    The weight of the plane is about 100t.
    That means like pushing a car that is 10t. I can easily push a 1,5t car. It would be difficult to get that 10t to move though.

    BTW the Soviet military had tables, how many soldiers would take to replace a truck, a tractor etc. Perhaps they were soldiers.

  8. mxi339z says:

    The plane is being towed from the back, they are just steering it. Come on wake up.

  9. Salocin.TEN says:

    I saw a Transtel (Deustche Welle TV) mini documentary about making planes, and they had this Airbus A310 I think.

    When it completed production, it took only a team of 6 men to move the jet out to the fitting area.

    So I don’t see anything unusual here.

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