Russian post using dirigibles? 1
16 Russian Postal Diribles

Russian Postal Diribles

  Some say that the Russian Post Office is considering using special Postal Dirigibles in
the distant Siberian parts of Russia and these are leaked drawings of this project.
Fire Hedgehog 1

25 The Fire Hedgehog

The Fire Hedgehog

During the WW2 Russian Army was using a "Fire Hedgehog" - the set of 88 Tommy-gun alike machine guns loaded into a plane. It was used at low attitude flights to effectively saw off hundreds of enemy soldiers. When the pilot got above some Nazi
crowd the pilot of started fire, then the doors in the plane's bottom were opened and this Fire Hedgehog was coming into play, eighty something non-stop firing machine guns could really look like the Hedgehog from Hell.
13 Moscow Subway in Short

Moscow Subway in Short

Moscow subway again, now all the long rushy day compressed to a one
short video from Discovery channel (presumably), from Youtube.
Russian porsche made of gold 1

107 The Golden Porsche

The Golden Porsche

In Russia they drive in solid gold covered Porsche cars. More than 40
pounds of the pure gold was used while decorating this particular car.
18 The Swings Fail

The Swings Fail

Those swings
got fail.
russian bird's nest 1

17 The Pipe Nest

The Pipe Nest

This Russian bird got her nest too deep to reach it
now. Are those small thingies doomed now?

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