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Daily Shots

Posted on July 6, 2008 by

Life in Russia 1

Another set of photos freshly from streets of ex-USSR countries.

Life in Russia 2

Life in Russia 3

Life in Russia 4

Life in Russia 5

Life in Russia 6

Life in Russia 7

Life in Russia 8

Life in Russia 9

Life in Russia 10


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21 Responses to “Daily Shots”

  1. Monica Broadhole says:

    Hello! I’m first!

    Who does want to date me?

  2. Mathouse says:

    These photos are really good :D
    I Like that :D

  3. adios says:

    ay lav dayli Rasha

  4. Niels R. says:

    I love the ones of the road works… It’s sad to see someones grave stone used as a street border…

    Also the car’s with oranges is hilarious!

  5. Steam McQueen says:

    I guess someone in Ukraine doesn\’t like broccoli and cheese!

    Sad about the gravestone being used as a curb, but hey, you have to give them points for recycling!

    The UFO DPS station was funny!

  6. too muchvodka says:

    The final proof that Russian traffic police are aliens!

  7. nehovaysyatopol says:

    Ho, ho, UFO police is in the Vasilyevka town, we always pass it, when going on summer vacation to the seashore……

    Ukraine rules!

  8. Rodriguez says:

    Is it Russia at the last picture? I don`t think so. It looks like a Ukrainian road police.

  9. adios says:

    i think in UA not DPS,DAI o something like that

  10. pookie says:

    que desastre total! Y pensar que estos hijos de puta tienen sangre escandinavia. carajo.

  11. kris says:

    I think this was a part of the gravestone that was never used, it was being prepared, and someone screwed it up, and it was useless, and cut into nice curb pieces.

  12. anuszka says:

    > I think this was a part of the gravestone that was never used, it
    > was being prepared, and someone screwed it up, and it was useless,
    > and cut into nice curb pieces.

    Of course, not. There are dates on it: 18** – 19**. It is a real old grave stone. The letters above seem to be fragments of a name and surname: “*ich *v+(tverdyi znak)”. Strange, I have no idea who it was and why his grave has been destroyed. But it reminds me stories which still happen in Poland: sometimes people discover jewish tomb stones used as curb pieces, or as a bottom layer of a road, or even as fonds under a barn. They are remnants of jewish cemeteries destroyed by Germans during the WW2. Germans built roads and pavements out of them on the occupied territories. But the last case (fonds under a country side building) is most strange and actually shameful because after the war some Polish farmers dared to use those stones left by Germans.

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  14. sigh says:

    That can’t be further away from the truth!!!
    my great grandmother’s gravestone has gone missing 5 years. And part of it look exactly the same as the one in the picture.

    BTW: i think it’s david copperfield who’s responsible for the 1st pic.That was an amazing magic trick. He painted the 01 with his own blood from the ground.

  15. Meowist says:


    Those crazy Russki firemen should not drink so much vodka and park their trucks in silly places.

  16. al says:

    some photos from ua/ non Russia

  17. Foxi from Russia says:

    thank you

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