107 The Golden Porsche

The Golden Porsche

Posted on July 4, 2008 by

Russian porsche made of gold 1

In Russia they drive in solid gold covered Porsche cars. More than 40 pounds of the pure gold was used while decorating this particular car.

Russian porsche made of gold 2

Russian porsche made of gold 3


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107 Responses to “The Golden Porsche”

  1. n.smetanka says:

    and yet he still parks on the street

  2. captain sensible says:

    Normally Porsche drivers are considered wankers. Having added 40 pounds of gold to one, this driver just proves he is the biggest wanker of the lot.

  3. JohnQ says:

    The gold leaf floor mats top it off.

  4. castleahh says:

    don’t you just want to go up to it and scratch the hell out of it?
    but save the shavings, you could use them to buy things later on.

    • Russian Girl says:

      “don’t you just want to go up to it and scratch the hell out of it?
      but save the shavings, you could use them to buy things later on.”
      Ha! Do you think a normal Russian man can afford that? If you scratch that car you can pay with your life… no joke… He is not afraid to park that car on the street because he knows there are not so many suicidal people walk around…

  5. coquihallaOne says:

    If the Russian nouveau riche keep publicly flaunting their wealth out in the open like this, I think, a strong bout of BIG “C” communism is going to retake the country. Moreover, the Romanovs learned the hard way, and these clowns are about to repeat their mistakes, forcing Russia back into a collective dictatorship.

  6. Juhani says:

    BTW the mirror image reads: “beauty salon”.

    So the gold porche seems to be a gift.
    Weird, but most probably quite an effective one, in terms of relationship.

  7. puppeli says:

    i think it looks cool :D

  8. maxD says:


  9. Xzibit says:

    ugly rims

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  11. Mixas says:

    It probably has some alarm on it and fricking guards sitting somewhere near – their hammer isn’t in the pictures ;)))

  12. RussiaFTW says:

    Americans are jelius of Russias wealth. US dollar is worthless nowadays, while russian currency is as strong as ever. Thank you Putin!

    • MaryLynn says:

      RussiaFTW, Americans are not jealous of criminals, which is what every single rich person in Russia amounts to. And even if Americans were jealous, you guys still have no understanding of taste. Your interest in “shiny” things is highly indicitive of general ignorance, and low I.Q.

      And I should know, because I’m married to a Russian national! Lovable, but utterly lacking in good taste and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Typical!

      And by the way, how many pensioners and street children go hungry every day so that the tasteless, supposedly “reformed” mafia types can drive their cheezy ass cars and dress their women in attire befitting only streetwalkers anywhere else in the world?

      You guys were pathetic before the Revolution and now you’ve just reverted right back to the same situation when the Romanovs held sway. And you know what happened to them! YOU’LL BE NEXT. PROMISE.

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  14. Alexey says:

    А есть на лепру инвайты?

  15. michigan says:

    poor workmanship.

  16. Tito Livio says:

    It seems somebody wants to make Russians appear superficial, oblivious of the world and fickle. Show us some real Russia.

  17. 4estgraham says:


  18. Nomad says:

    You said it Nikoai. The only thing consistent in Russia is rick schmucks screwing everyone else. Tak vsegda bil e tak vsegda bydet.

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  22. Vladimir Nabob says:

    What is the difference between a Porsche and a porcupine?

    A porcupine has the pricks on the OUTSIDE!.

    HA HA HA. I slay me.

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  24. maxD says:

    In Russia everything which is a bit more pricey than, lets say, a loaf of bread, is priced in dollars. Why ?

    • peter says:

      Maybe because there are not enough euros for everyone ?

    • ringm says:

      Looks like a stereotype from the 90s, a time of hyperinflation. Not true anymore. Ruble is more or less stable compared to Euro and GBP since 2003, while dollar is going down.

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  27. krob says:

    i can just imagine if they drove that into englewood or compton or watts, watch how fast it’s stripped or stollen.

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  31. eric says:

    its not gold, its just an elaborate paint job, you can tell by looking at the fourth picture how the lines in the so called “plates” dont go all the way to the tail pipe.

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  33. aparentko says:

    Those are plated 24 karat gold on metal sheets. That’s why the Porche survive without a scratch.

  34. faifas says:

    Euros in russia? They got roubles not euros o.O

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  36. top says:

    Cuñaaaaaaoooo!!!! Pero ésto qué leches es?

  37. 962c says:

    Hey… Does anyone know who is the owner of this Porsche ?

  38. J says:

    It is amazing to see things like this. If this were an American car this board would be a frenzy of “Capatalistic scum pig-dog fat American”. Such hypocrasy.

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  40. altima says:

    they must be Russian ninjas – armed by one star of gold for both.

  41. Туц says:

    Его украли на днях

  42. milky candy says:

    How many people could be saved from hunger with the cost of this car…

  43. mininova says:

    “How many people could be saved from hunger with the cost of this car…”

    None. That’s not gold. It’s vinyl wrap. Same with ALL the other chrome/gold/silver cars you see. All just vinyl stickers, extremely cheap.

  44. Chicclete says:

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  45. Chicclete says:

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  46. They wanted to use 50lbs, but they needed the cash to fill it up.

  47. wholesale says:

    Welcome to Yiwu..Welcome to Amandaiec.

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  51. That Car says:

    while they may have a golden porche, I have a plastic Chevy http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatcar/4102664301/

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  57. barry goldwater says:

    bet that’l get 3 million bucks on the american show barret jackson car auction

  58. RSS ne rabotaet (( Mozhet eto iz-za kodirovki?

  59. Yoron says:

    In the States it would be an advertising stunt of some kind. So I will guess it’s the same here, made by people without taste. And I agree, to drive that one in a Country where people still starve kind of smells. But it’s a obvious ‘power display’ worthy of any dictatorship..

  60. wth is that says:

    the new porche ”vomit” ..pimps and thieves must be lining up in russia to order these insults.

  61. Ahmad says:

    this isnt real gold,

    we have 100’s of cars here in dubai like that, there not made of gold or plated with gold. its just a chrome foil they cover the car with.

  62. pligg.com says:

    English Russia » The Golden Porsche…

    In Russia they drive in solid gold covered Porsche cars. More than 40 pounds of the pure gold was used while decorating this particular car….

  63. Soendoro Soetanto says:

    Nice car :D

    Soendoro Soetanto

  64. Nicole says:

    The insurance on that car must be insane.

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  68. P says:

    so glad I live in Australia. the rest of the world is mess! so sad lol

  69. Erin says:

    Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road…umm…ugly and not worth it…ok maybe if I was rich…um no I still wouldnt…

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  71. Regina says:

    Sehr hilfreich! Herzlichen Dank hierfür.

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  73. daniel says:

    I wonder how rich should be to build something like this. For what ? To show! Waste of money in my opinion.

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  76. akki singla says:


  77. Muhammad Usman says:

    not a good colour……….

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  79. chi us says:

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  81. joblo says:

    It’s made from brass not gold

  82. Greetings earthling- I am “pizza THE hut”! I think it looks
    Cool! But it is not 40 pounds of layered platinum or even
    40 pounds of layered Rhodium! Not even diamonds on the rims!
    What & no ground effects? What were they thinking?
    think Think THINK about it!
    C-ya. Utopian websurfer

  83. amigo says:

    scratch d car n u’re finished :D

  84. Mike - Tyre Inflator says:

    Only in Russia, but a great looking car

  85. George says:

    This gold Porsche is impressive. Superb looks and unique! Can we know the code of the exact color being used?

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