18 The Swings Fail

The Swings Fail

Posted on July 2, 2008 by

Those swings got fail.

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18 Responses to “The Swings Fail”

  1. peter says:

    it’s as if the guy filming was waiting for it to happen

  2. Mathouse says:

    Oh my god… That’s must hurt.

  3. andrius says:

    the two kids on the sides are at fault. they pull at the frame just before the middle piece detaches.

  4. no66y says:

    Ouch! new face please!

  5. mike says:

    note how none of the others helps…

  6. nobody@earth.com says:

    Happy bone cracking…!!!

  7. Texas1 says:

    Such a slow response! If this was an American, they would have at least thrown their arms in front of their face for some protection.

  8. MINK says:

    marks for the commentator: 10/10

  9. Steam McQueen says:

    Typical Russia and Russians:

    1) Punk kids who will break anything that they can\’t steal. You can see one kid deliberately shaking the swing in order to get it to break

    2) Not one kid even asks about their fallen friend, illustrating how callous Russians are toward their fellow human.

    3) Everyone has a good laugh about it including the cameraman

    4) Not the slightest concern over the damage done to the equipment.

  10. möi says:

    in soviet russia swing swings you

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