49 Hard Day at Russian Office

Hard Day at Russian Office

What a hard day in
Moscow, Russia office!
16 The Strong Tree

The Strong Tree

This one is a
strong tree!
Korean plane in Russia 1
62 The Korean Boeing

The Korean Boeing

  Korean Boeing was shot down in Karelia, Russia in 1978, with a lot of civil passengers on-board. The pilots of the plane had mysteriously altered the route so that came deep inside Russian territory. Two and a half hours they were escorted by Russian jet fighters not responding to any radio contact or visual contact attempts. At last the Soviet military commanders ordered to shoot the plane down with as much accuracy as they could do. The jet plane of Russian army hit the Boeing with a missile cutting off the piece of its wing, so the Korean plane had to land after this. Two passengers were killed others got wounds as a result of an extremely fast landing to the frozen Russian lake in Karelia, Russia near Kem' town. The first Russian military police group arrived in two
hours to the landing site. They tell that when they entered the plane the strong smell of "blood, alcohol and human fecal masses" hit into their noses. Afterwards the passengers spent three days in the Kem' town, Karelia, Russia and were send to Helsinki, Finland on the plane on the fourth day. The crew was taken to Moscow and was questioned there, but later they returned to Korea. The plane itself was disassembled to smallest parts and sent to Russian airplane producing factories and research centers, meanwhile the soldiers guarding the site had the first chance in their life to taste Coca-Cola or canned beer and even to read some Playboy. It was something they never met before in the country beneath the iron curtain.
Moscow, Russia, 1960 1

50 The Soviet Moscow

The Soviet Moscow

The city that they lost. The
Moscow, Russia back from 1960.
Russian jet fighters in Afghanistan, SU-25 1

28 Russian Jet Fighters in Afghanistan

Russian Jet Fighters in Afghanistan

These are photos from private archives of Russian
SU-25 jet fighters in Afghanistan War at 1980s.
vodka from Russia 1

38 The United Colors of Vodka

The United Colors of Vodka

A new fashion spreads across some Russian vodka consumers - why drink dull colorless vodka
if you can drink colorful liquid made of some "Skittles" sweets and the fire-water.
Kiev, Ukraine, Russia 1
25 Kiev, 1905

Kiev, 1905

  Kiev, Ukraine,
Russian province, 1905.
russian army in Russia 6

30 Another Holiday

Another Holiday

Another holiday took place last week in Russia, this time it was "a day of the frontier guard". Many ex-frontier guards
celebrated it. The traditions of celebration are much alike with "Graduation Day", same fountain bathing rituals etc.
5 High Speed Nature

High Speed Nature

High speed videos of
Russian nature.
moving dragons of St. Petersburg 1

10 The Dragon Lab

The Dragon Lab

These guys at St. Petersburg, Russia create moving dragons
sculptures. The purpose is not clear but they say the models look cool.

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