Russian art 1

33 Russian Art Gallery

Russian Art Gallery

A new exposition in Russian Art Gallery in St. Petersburg has
took place recently. Here are some photos from this event.
Round ice in Russia 1

33 The Round Ice

The Round Ice

Recently a lot of strange round-ice formations have been met in Russia. People don't know what causes ice
to form first big ice circles and then ones of smaller size appear around the mother-formation.
the fountain of dirt in Novosibirsk, Russia 1

26 The Dirt Fountain

The Dirt Fountain

The fountain of the dirty smelly liquid richly spread passing by
cars in Novosibirsk yesterday. See the photos and the video.
Russian movies 1

41 Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

This time Russian photoshop masters from have tried to put faces of
well-known American Hollywood actors upon the scenes of Soviet movie classics.
Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 1

53 Abramovitch’s Boat

Abramovitch’s Boat

Roman Abramovich, the Russian Richest Guy (as of 2006), has visited St. Petersburg a few days ago on his "Pelorus" boat, the largest private yacht in the world, with the size of the football field and the price tag of 245,000e or $500,000. He had not come alone, but escorted
by two luxury cruise ships carrying other less fortunate Russian reaches, one of them is "Azamara", it can also be seen on the photos. This event attracted thousands of St. Petersburg locals to see where to the richest Russian man spends his billions.
Baby Dolls Fair in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

33 Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

These are not mother and her numerous kids, this is a "Baby Doll Fair", a strange event in St.
Petersburg, Russia where dolls of infants, toddlers and babes are widely presented and being sold.
Special forces of Belarus 1
36 Belarus Special Forces

Belarus Special Forces

  The training of
Belarus Special Forces.
The car from Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1

51 The Dragon Cars Mania

The Dragon Cars Mania

In Krasnoyarsk, Russia they are obsessed with creating dragon-cars these
days. It became a real mania among some of the youngsters of this city.
42 Students and Teachers

Students and Teachers

In Russia students
teach teachers?
Russian tank and Russian missile 1

45 The Russian Tank and The Russian Missile

The Russian Tank and The Russian Missile

What can Russian missile do
to the Russian tank?

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