27 The Underground Moscow

The Underground Moscow

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Moscow undergrounds 1

Right beneath the Moscow downtown with its extra-costly realty lies ex-KGB dungeons. They are still full functioning and access is not so easy and still nobody knows the exact location and plan of those underground man-made caverns of Moscow but some parts of them now open for the

Moscow undergrounds 2

Moscow undergrounds 3

Moscow undergrounds 4

Moscow undergrounds 5

Moscow undergrounds 6

Moscow undergrounds 7

Moscow undergrounds 8

Moscow undergrounds 9

Moscow undergrounds 10

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Moscow undergrounds 12

Moscow undergrounds 13

Moscow undergrounds 14

Moscow undergrounds 15

Moscow undergrounds 16

Moscow undergrounds 17

Moscow undergrounds 18

Moscow undergrounds 19

Moscow undergrounds 20

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27 responses to “The Underground Moscow”

  1. Mc Donald says:

    I am sure this tunnel pops out in indo china…

  2. Vlad says:

    Can tourists visit now?

  3. Lord Necron says:

    A little bit creepy, isn’t it ?

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  5. Jimbo Jones says:

    Makes we want to hop in my Pyro GL, collect blue shield orbs, and fight nasty virus crazed robots 🙂

  6. mack says:

    Is that the “атомний телефон” on 14th picture?

    • Domo says:

      Well, almost… The “nuclear button” IS actually a telephone, but that one wasn’t, because at that time there was no nuclear bomb (1940-50).

  7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Very depressing, unlike the happy work environment I provide for my interrogators.

    But, since I love my Russian friends and wish to be helpful, I recommend importation of interior designer from Italy to help with this nasty place. These hallways are in desperate need of the “three C’s”–color, curtains, and carpets.

  8. maxD says:

    Would make a nice club.

  9. aa says:

    It’s obviously for tourists, it wouldn’t be written in English and they wouldn’t have obtained entry and taken the photos if it was still functioning. This looks more like military bunkers in disused underground railway tunnels made around World War 2.

    The KGB dungeon is located right underneath Liubyanka.

  10. Harry says:

    Nice to see ER back on track, slightly. More of this and i’ll be a happy, happy man.

  11. GUDRON says:

    It`s former Secured Command Post «Tagansky». Museum of Cold war – expositional complex «Confrontation».
    http://www.zkp42.ru/ – official site.

  12. illlich says:

    Just like I remember it.

  13. Info says:

    Finally I know what was the source of inspiration of such computer games as Descent or Forsaken.
    It looks like a robots are just behind the corner waiting to hit you from a laser gun 😉
    A must see place!

  14. Miss India says:

    Russians are really good at digging their own graves.

  15. Russianlynxy says:

    Perhaps some Persian rugs too? 😛

  16. Salocin.TEN says:

    These are real, and I think was featured on the History Channel’s “Cities of the Underworld” (has an irritating host and repetitive music).

    I heard it’s not really a tourist attraction, even though it has English signs. The walls were made to withstand a nuclear attack.
    They were also used by Electronics Arts Moscow team to showcase Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (http://www.ea.com/redalert/) to the press. It’s in one of their “Battlecast” videos.

  17. Cian says:

    I did a tour of the Berlin underground, was really cool. These pictures remind me of it.

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  20. ajubaja says:


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