25 Police Special Device

Police Special Device

Posted on June 16, 2008 by

Russian police 1

Moscow road police now uses special hi-tech devices for extra clear view of the road under control. Click more to see them in action:


Russian police 2

Russian police 3

As everyone knows, the higher you are the better view you having. In this case road policemen of Moscow use those stilts to get the better view.

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25 Responses to “Police Special Device”

  1. LiraNuna says:

    This isn’t news… we always knew Russian police were a bunch of clowns!

  2. Lord Necron says:

    Maybe they will give globus to the kids, too ?

  3. Shizo says:

    It’s дядя Стёпа!

  4. Bert says:

    I love the comically long pants that appear to be there to not make them completely look like two goofballs on stilts, but fail utterly.

  5. agramainio says:

    that’s him

  6. ebbenson3 says:

    wait… is that k-fed? times are bad for k-fed, ladies and gentlemen.

    Длинние в реальном маштабе времени, и процветают!

  7. Bullwinkle says:

    They don’t even have guns. How are they going to shoot anyone?

  8. madineg says:

    don’t you know planet terror? they teach you how to shot with legs…

  9. Henque says:

    More likely a truck/oldtimer show and these ‘policmen’ are just what they look like: clowns

  10. qtr says:

    it’s a historic comic festival dumb ononists

  11. Kim Jong Il says:


  12. Bullwinkle says:

    What if someone call them a name and they get mad?

  13. doug says:

    Very long pants makes the police look like they are wearing circus-clown clothing. Why must the stilts be covered? It is better without covering.

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  16. Albert says:

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  18. America says:

    Was this a parade or some kind of show?

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