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Jimmi Jimmi

Posted on June 15, 2008 by

Many Russians don’t like the migrants from the ex-Soviet Southern states who come to modern Russia and do different hard jobs for less, but this guy is cool, at least he knows 3 languages: Hindi, his native Tajikistanian and Russian, and he can sing and dance.

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50 Responses to “Jimmi Jimmi”

  1. Cpt. Morgan says:

    What a crazy guy, though he looks very friendly and approachable….just like a child molester.
    Someone keep an eye on this maniac!

  2. o_o says:

    I’m sure I’ve heard this song in a Kusturica movie.

  3. Olmo says:

    A true fabulous star!!

  4. Alex says:

    He seems a nice guy.

  5. Shizo says:

    Wow, what a talented guy. He even sings the girl’s part :D

  6. Shizo says:

    Is there any more videos of this guy? What did the old guy say at the end, “Good job jimmy, now get your stuff and get out.”?

  7. Denis says:

    He said “Молодец, Джимми, всё… давай… одевайся и езжайте” (“Well! Jimmy, now get dressed and go working”) :D

  8. adios says:

    а я Красную плесень слушаю

  9. Sawchain says:

    Lucky to have good live entertainment, makes anyones workday a little more enjoyable.. Seems like a fun guy to have around

  10. Bullwinkle says:

    Don’t trust him. He probably has stolen inventory under his hat. Make sure to pat him down before he leaves work and have the dogs check him too.

    • Tito says:

      You make your life miserable by saying such nonsense. Listen to this: What comes around gets around. One day you will understand.

  11. AeroSquid says:

    \”Many Russians don’t like the migrants from the ex-Soviet Southern state\”

    How is this OK? I hope you don\’t mind the rest of the world thinking of Russians as xenophobic racist pole smokers.

    • Shizo says:

      It’s not ok, it’s the reality. I’m sure in country of your residence there is a similar situation.
      USA + Mexicans, Germany + Poles, UK + Jamaicans, France + Arabs.

      • Tony Brown says:

        Actually in the UK you see it’s quite different, because in England we have quite a large number of women who actually welcome Jamaican men into their homes and beds. Some fly to Jamaica on holiday as part of a sex tourism package. They’ve quite an attraction for them, actually.

        • Bullwinkle says:

          Thats because those UK ladies are so damn ugly that only a black guy will sleep with them.

          • Shaiya says:

            You got dat straight, heh-heh!

            I’ve seen a TV program about that. Ugly, middle-aged, pale, cottage-cheese-assed women from Britain going to Jamaica to get some. The well-hung but extremely poor Jamaicans are willing to sell themselved for a pair of good tennis shoes.

            But then i don’t think they are very discriminate about where they stick their peckers anyways

  12. Reeally says:

    TAJIKISTANIAN is such a cool name for a language!
    Just like AMERICANIAN.

  13. Nikitn says:

    Well he seems like a nice guy :D

  14. Niels R. says:

    He made me smile! What a funny start of my working day!

  15. Tom Fox says:

    I agree, this guy is cool. I would like if he worked in my job! Live entertainment makes any job much better. Well done Jimmi. Your a legend son.

  16. w says:

    He should get back to work – id fire his ass for being lazy on the job.

  17. alex says:

    Wow, what a talented guy.

  18. Vitaliy says:

    awesome guy!

  19. kolya says:

    What can I say, this guy should be invited to David Letterman night show.


  20. Shizo says:

    Yeah, I can hear it now.. it’s so funny :)
    This is like a real life scene from Nasha Russia.

  21. MINK says:

    seriously awesome female vocal.

  22. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Thanks to everyone who recognizes the talent of this man.

    I realize readers of ER are above the average level of intellectual capability and knowledge of the world. That is why I come here so often, whenever I can tear myself away from the mullahs who always want to tell me what to do–always!

    Anyway . . . but, did you know–many Tajiks have a amount of Persian blood in their veins, partly because their land was once blessed to be the eastern edge of the greatest empire ever, seat of civilization and culture–Persian, and partly because of Tajik women coming to Tehran to throw themselves at Persian men for sex pleasure and babies (it is understandable, of coures). Some for money, but most for sex pleasure and Persian babies which they can take back to Dushanbe and brag about.

    More history and culture lessons later, but meanwhile, whenever you see a man with talent, ask yourself, “how much Persian is this man?”

    P.S.–have you noticed the almond eyes of Medvedev? I’m just sayin’ . . . .

  23. translit says:


  24. Jimmi says:

    the guy is funny – but he does not know Hindi at all. He has translated the lyrics to his covinience ..i know Russian and Hindi … probably he has translated it in Tajik language.

    • badbrownie says:

      thats awesome, how do you know hindi may i ask. because i am indian, and i want to learn russian.

  25. LLLOOLLL The comment is hilarious !!!!

    My type of humor ……..

    And about jimmi, it shows the even in his not so furtunate life still enjoys it, like no other …

  26. Manas Kumar Datta says:

    The song he’s singing is from a Hindi movie from the early 80s called “Disco Dancer” starring Mithun Chakraborty (don’t bother trying to pronounce it!). It’s actually a rip-off of some other English song, but I can’t recall the name.

    I believe Indian movies were quite popular in Russia all the way till the 80s – especially Raj Kapoor movies after he made a movie with a Russian circus called “Mera Naam Joker” (My name is Joker) where he played a clown in a travelling Russian circus.

  27. mapcoxog says:

    In the end an old guy in a suit said, Ok Jimmy get dressed and go away. I wish I could slap his face :)

  28. Holden Boy says:

    2 Songs

    1) Jimmy Jimmy
    2) Goron ki na kaalon ki

    He has made his own lyrics where he did not understand the real ones. But well done!

  29. [...] Vía: English Russia [...]

  30. Susan says:

    Hey this is the song MIA covered!!!
    Good job Russian dude!

  31. Prasanna says:

    This was the song Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja by Parvati Khan – Bappi Lahiri and it was remixed in English by MIA in 2007.
    He is singing the Hindi version though there may be many words substituted in his English.

  32. Prasanna says:

    This song is Jimmy Jimmy Aaaja Aaaja from Disco dancer an old Hindi movie sung by Parvati Khan and composed by Bappi Lahiri. It was made as a remix in English by MIA in 2007.
    The singer obviously is substituting some words from the original song when he isnt sure about them !!

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