53 Abramovitch’s Boat

Abramovitch’s Boat

Posted on June 9, 2008 by

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 1

Roman Abramovich, the Russian Richest Guy (as of 2006), has visited St. Petersburg a few days ago on his “Pelorus” boat, the largest private yacht in the world, with the size of the football field and the price tag of 245,000e or $500,000. He had not come alone, but escorted by two luxury cruise ships carrying other less fortunate Russian reaches, one of them is “Azamara”, it can also be seen on the photos. This event attracted thousands of St. Petersburg locals to see where to the richest Russian man spends his billions.

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 2

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 3

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 4

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 5

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 6

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 7

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 8

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 9

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 10

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Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 12

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 13

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 14

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 15

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 16

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 17

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 18

Boat of Roman Abramovich, Russian Rich 19

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53 responses to “Abramovitch’s Boat”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    Well at least this time it really was in St. Pete.

  2. Kid D says:

    500’000€? Yeah, sure…

  3. hooey says:

    What nonsense, the yacht cannot cost 500,000 USD. It costs 300 million.

  4. Coligny says:

    Damn, those boats are so big that I can’t even see Sarkozy and Carla Bruni…

  5. Mathouse says:

    Only $500000 ? It’s less than Bugatti EB Veyron ? 😐

  6. maxD says:

    Good to see his car was still parked there were he left it, when he fled to the UK so many years ago [last pic].

  7. notbugs says:

    Had the price tag been just $500.000 i’d run to the bank and get a loan so i could get one too. Then i’d sell it for its market value which is $300 million according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelorus_(yacht)). That means i’d make $299,5 million without to much work. 😉


  8. jozhix says:

    500k$???? thats less than a flat in center or Riga! 😀

  9. MXI339z says:

    Why is it flying the Red Ensign, Thats British. Denotes a british ship. Looks like the Isle-Of-Man ferry to me

    • Ian Flemingshire says:

      Probably because, with all its faults and maladies, the United Kingdom still adheres to the rule of law, including property law, and is much less likely to allow a pig-headed government bureaucrat or competing jealous thug oligarch to sieze another man’s property, which of course happens regularly enough in Russia.

  10. Zack says:

    What’s the deal with the British flag? Did he stop being Russian permanently?

  11. Atom says:

    First hit on google: 300 million USD / 254 million Euro.

  12. Some guy says:

    Nice yacht though. I’m sure you can have nice parties there with a bunch of cocaine and female porn stars 🙂

  13. davin says:

    This is not the largest yacht in the world, it’s actually not even in the top ten. It’s #13..

  14. ben says:

    it cost $500,000,000 he was just short a few 0’s

  15. Zafarad says:

    Over all look of this ship is nice but i wonder,that how marine engineers and final QC inspectors passed “poor joint welds”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !looks so ugly and horrible! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  16. castleahh says:

    who the hell would pay money to take a cruise to russia? i mean seriously, why not a Caribbean or south pacific cruise? scantly clad hot bikini wearing islanders having beach sex in front of the ship, or go watch old women sell vegetables and drink vodka? hard choice for me.

  17. zax says:

    What author of this site wanted to say is that it costs 500000 US$ to fill the tank. Seriously, this is the correct information.

  18. Eduardo says:

    What’s the deal with last pic, that little car?

  19. too muchvodka says:

    Mine are bigger, both the ship and the other thing.

  20. Rukiver says:

    First of all, Pelorus isn’t the largest private yacht in the world, than honor goes to Larry Ellison Rising Sun at 132 meters. The largest yacht currently built belongs to Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of UAE. His yacht Dubai is 162 meters long.

    And to the tool who commented on the poor welds. This yacht was built and its marine engineering was done by Lürssen, one of the most respected yacht builders in the world par only to Feadship. You simply will not find such quality workmanship and engineering on any commercial ships, not that you’d recognize it anyway.

  21. Pavel says:

    That Zaporozsets in the last photo is classic. One day i will buy one and drop a chevy 350 into it. It will be the ultimate sleeper.

  22. Richard S. says:

    Webmaster, please check your spelling. It’s Abramovich not Abramovitch. I don’t think Roman would be amused…

    • ryds says:

      you can spell it anyway you like, obviously his name correctly written would be in te rus. alphabet. roman alphabet is used to give to give an approximation of the spelling by how it sounds. his name would no doubt be spelt differently in all western euro countries in order to match the languages pronounciation. its called transliteration.

  23. A1 says:

    Abramovic is still Govenor of Chukota. He asked Putin if he could give it up and Putin said “no”.

  24. a a says:

    the proletariats should have united and sunk that big symbol of stolen wealth. but russians are so apathetic nowadays, they probably only envied him

  25. Salocin.TEN says:

    It looks very much like the villian’s yacht in Superman Returns, where that newspaper lady and her two kids were kidnapped on.

  26. X says:

    “Roman Abramovich, the Russian Richest Guy…”. Actually he is Jewish guy.

  27. mad1982 says:

    Abramovitch = great man i love him

  28. Greg says:

    There is so much good that he could be doing rather then spending it on that total waste of money. If you have money to burn why not do some good and help your fellow Russians? Build or fix some shools, build some play grounds for the children, feed the poor, send some poor students to college, help the sick, etc.

  29. maxD says:

    Russian jews are considered ‘Russians’ in Israel and the rest of the world, and only in Russia they are called ‘Jews’.
    This etnical diversification is outdated and silly. A left over from communist times.

  30. sgegge says:

    saw this rowing boat in helsinki yesterday.

  31. Nuno says:

    I think Tim Roth and Abramovitch are, like clones.

  32. joan says:

    i wanna meet that rich man in person!and my love sergey lebedev as well!love u sergey!joan

  33. Richard S. says:

    Roman has contributed almost one billion dollars of his own money to rebuild the Chutkotka region. Kudos to Roman:)

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  36. tatarin says:

    on the rite listed top yachts in the world


  37. Josh says:


    114 m loa
    Crew of 40
    $12 million or so a year to run
    Max. speed 20 knots
    Guests 18

  38. J says:

    WOW. Where are the cries of waste? If this were an american boat ….

  39. brbrbr says:

    which one ? or all threee ?[Abramovich boats].

  40. Cigarettes says:

    Very beautiful ship. 🙂

  41. Andrasone-HUN says:


  42. Ronchetti says:

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    Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly. I look forward to future posts.

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  43. Tim says:

    Who cares how long it is…you can only be in one place at any giving time…

  44. Flo Marushia says:

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  45. asdad says:

    vor v zakone

  46. celine says:

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