45 The Russian Tank and The Russian Missile

The Russian Tank and The Russian Missile

Posted on June 4, 2008 by

Russian tank and Russian missile 1

What can Russian missile do to the Russian tank?

Russian tank and Russian missile 2

Russian tank and Russian missile 3

Russian tank and Russian missile 4

Russian tank and Russian missile 5

Russian tank and Russian missile 6

Russian tank and Russian missile 7

Russian tank and Russian missile 8

Russian tank and Russian missile 9

Russian tank and Russian missile 10

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Russian tank and Russian missile 12

Russian tank and Russian missile 13

Russian tank and Russian missile 14

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45 responses to “The Russian Tank and The Russian Missile”

  1. KanuTaH says:

    This is the first time in my life that I post a first comment on this website, and I hope it’s not the last!

  2. maxD says:

    I’ve seen Lada’s on St. Pete’s streets that looked even worse ! But they were still driving ! And the owners were proud ! 🙂

  3. w says:

    American soldiers blow up Lamborghinis

    • C**BA says:

      That’s all they can =)

      • OldBikr says:

        If what you say is true, how come the Tank was destroyed in the US?

        Look at picture seven and read the American speed limit sign in the foreground next to the ruined av, it says “Speed Limit 25 mph”! It sure didn’t say anything about kilometres did it, dognutz?

  4. fakehunter says:

    that’s just a fake.
    the blew up the tank with more than 2 tons of explosives. they put it everywhere inside of the tank. then the fired the missile at it.

    and the missile wasn’t russian.

    as you can see in the original video on youtube

    it was an american javelin.

    • DungeonB says:

      thats sharp of you.
      Most of the things on this blog,
      no mattter what they are, or where theyre from,
      get lablelled “russian something”
      and its sickening.

    • Phatbaggins says:

      in the unlikely event that the missile hit the tanks armory they would probaly go up in flames on there own ammunition. so the 2 tons of explosives might have been there for that effect. i beleve the russian tanks have quite heavy Anti Infantry ammo wich blows up with dramatic effect. then again Who doesnt like explotions 😛

  5. Roskete says:

    What happened to that tank??
    That was not a missile that was a nuclear bomb!!!

  6. too muchvodka says:

    Those Chechens have really powerful rockets. One down. How many more tanks to go?

  7. exterminator says:

    Time to share the missile with the Iraqi resistance!

  8. Crazy-Duck says:

    It’s not a russian missile.
    It’s a Javelin.

  9. fakehunter says:

    it’s not a russian missile.

    it’s an american javelin, and the tank was full of explosives. when i remember what they told us about this video in the german army, it must have been around 2 tons.

    the video:

  10. Scrat335 says:

    This tank is a T-72 on a test range. I heard it was tested in Germany and hit by a Javelin anti tank missile. The tank came apart because is was loaded with combustibles/explosives to begin with. All a Javelin warhead does is shoot a jet of metal through a tanks armor, it is not a high explosive warhead. High explosive in large amounts were placed inside of the tank to make it come apart for dramatic effect.

    Keep in mind also when looking at Russian tanks, they are designed differently than in the west, they are designed for mobility/manuverability and firepower and not as heavily armored as the wests. Speed and movement are their armor.

  11. country boy says:

    That makes sense. I thought something about the uniform, cap, etc. of the soldier looked more like an American. It’s hard to see the details but the cap looks more round and blocked than the Russian army caps I’ve seen, and the camoflage pattern looks like the Battle-Dress Uniform (BDU) recently phased out by the US Army. Of course, no matter where it is, he could be there as an invited observer or exchange officer.

  12. R0b says:

    Was it a Russian missile… or a “Javelin”?

  13. Vitaliy says:

    Ouch, that must be hurt!

  14. squicker says:

    The road sign in picture 7 says “speed limit 25” so it is obviously not in russia.

  15. AndersonBMX says:

    just destroy isn’t enough
    must shred in thousand pices!

  16. Roger says:

    Is it just me, but is that a “Speed Limit 25” sign in the upper right of picture 7?

  17. SuperCorgi says:

    This was a test shot of an American Javelin missle against a Iraq war booty T-72 that was fully loaded and armed.

    This is in no way a Russian ATGM.

  18. Kometya says:

    Well, if it was an anti-tank missile test, I guess that was the whole idea!! I mean, if you’re so sure you own tanks are the hardest there is that you brag about them, then you can brag even more about your missiles if you crack one of your own tanks with them… I guess.

  19. fakehunter says:

    and if you look really close under the tank, before the missile hits it (around 0:24), you can see a little explosion.

    so the blew the tank up, before the missile hit it.

    poor fake.

  20. munky says:


  21. maks says:

    that doesn’t even look like a russian tank
    it isn’t painted like it either

  22. Ari The Finn says:

    just a scratch. Needs some paint only.

  23. Pavel_M says:

    Try to hit to real russian tank when tank crew inside.


    Be careful this tank can hit you back. And don’t forget that tank can protect itself.

  24. Mark says:

    That’s an American missile and a Russian tank. Look at the the picture. It contains a road sign that looks like the ones you usually find on American roads.

  25. Hey, that’s some saucy information you got there. Archer Episode 2 is coming soon!

  26. exUSSR says:

    Thats a Russian javelin just goodle it dumbkopf yank

    That place is in Russia.

    • OldBikr says:

      Look at the seventh picture you young ignorameus! Russia does not use American speed limit signs does she?

      Tank was destroyed at an American proving ground. Most likely at “Aberdeen Proving Ground”. Google that if you wish.

      Engage brain prior to placing mouth in gear to avoid damage to candy ass.

    • OldBikr says:

      Look at the seventh picture you young ignorameus! Russia does not use American speed limit signs does she?

      Tank was destroyed at an American proving ground. Most likely at “Aberdeen Proving Ground”. Google that if you wish.

      Engage brain prior to placing mouth in gear to avoid damage to candy tail-section.

  27. exUSSR says:

    Google it *

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  29. David Begum says:

    it is actually hard to master archery, it took me 2 long years to be a master of archery ~

  30. when i was a kid i idolize robin hood that is why i love archery today.~’

  31. Sir Walter says:

    Wow that is some firepower we are talking about there
    My father was in tanks in WW2
    He had to leave his behind at Dunkirk

  32. Missilier says:

    The missile in question was NOT a Russian missile killing a Russian tank. It was the Javelin Anti-Tank missile hitting a fully loaded Russian T72 as donated by RUSSIA to the US. This test took place in Alabama. I am the guy in the second picture lower right side in the jeans and blue shirt…Y’all!

  33. xuy says:

    This is fraud for fools, frontal armor t72 a huge chunk of the glands where Onan? why are fragile details there are, large pieces of iron were gone?
    You all duped.

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