16 The Strong Tree

The Strong Tree

Posted on June 3, 2008 by

This one is a strong tree!

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16 Responses to “The Strong Tree”

  1. illlich says:

    No. All trees are like that– go try it yourself. Admittedly that tree is dead and old, and he manages to knock it down after a few tries, but try that on a LIVE tree and see what happens.

  2. Alex_AW says:

    That is not so good being made of wood.

  3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    In Tehran we have tool for this called “ax.” For high-technology tree removal I refer you to wonderful Swedish machine made by Husqvarna called “chainsaw.”

  4. castle says:

    apparently in Russia, tree knock you down.

  5. valiant says:

    l.o.l This bloody Russians are so funny and so rough…

  6. john says:

    this shud go to failblog

  7. Ian Flemingshire says:

    This is an old technique used to train KGB “bracers”–guys whose mission was to knock people off of sidewalks and into oncoming traffic and make an assassination look like a traffic accident. I suppose the modern Russian intelligence hierarchy still appreciates this time-tested training technique. This man looks like he would have trouble knocking an old woman off the curb.

    • Alex_AW says:

      It is must to be said that the technique come from Shaolin kung-fu knowing there as Drunk Woodpecker style.

  8. maxD says:

    He’s in training for American Football.

  9. Vitaliy says:

    Such a stubborn kid!

  10. AndersonBMX says:

    isn’t funny
    isn’t the easiest way to take down a tree

  11. merda says:

    if taking down a tree gets him a night of wild sex with the girl behind the camera…

  12. Notebooks says:

    Is this the way Russians cut trees for the winter? :D

  13. Shannon says:

    oh my gosh I love this kid

  14. Divoru says:

    agree about mentelitet.
    But the courage and bravery should be shown in another

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