49 Hard Day at Russian Office

Hard Day at Russian Office

Posted on June 3, 2008 by

What a hard day in Moscow, Russia office!

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49 responses to “Hard Day at Russian Office”

  1. dr. no says:


  2. Olmo says:

    Is it true?

  3. Oleg says:

    Windows crashed again

  4. Travis says:

    gotta love the guy taking pics… wish there was audio…

  5. country boy says:

    What the hell? I can’t believe all those people stood around and watched while this guy wrecked the office. He could have hurt someone.

    I bet those tractor-racing farm boys from Rostov-on-Don would have taken him down right after he threw the first computer monitor. Congratulations to the one MAN in the office who had the balls to take him on.

    I hate to say it, but no wonder so many Russian women are looking for husbands from outside the country. Maybe they should attend a Russian tractor race instead. 🙂

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      We don’t hear them and we don’t know the whole story. Maybe most of them cry to him “go on, let the boss think twice next time before cutting down our overtime payments before x-mas!” Maybe if I were in his shoes I’d demolish the whole building, not a handful of tables.

  6. Americans are better at this lol

    • lex says:

      you mean if that was in america, that guy would of pulled out his gun, shot a few then set the place on fire?

  7. KukiBuki says:

    I feel like this guy.
    I would like to do the same in my university \’cause it\’s time of egzam session.

  8. castle says:

    damn, office space has got nothing on this guy.

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  10. foozle says:

    It is an ad people – it is not real. :rollseyes

  11. VoDkA says:

    No, I think he meant that the people watching would not only not do anything, they would either cheer him on or not notice at all.

  12. JonYo says:

    Plus, real or fake, there’s no way it’s even SET in Russia. as the date format of month/day/year you see at the bottom right of the footage isn’t used almost anywhere outside of the western nations. I’m assuming this is actually footage from an ad in the USA.

  13. krs says:

    Well, its not american, and I know this because i’ve heard the audio from it and its not english being spoken. Oh by the way, its very real. heres a link to the other vid of this with audio. http://break.com/index/office-worker-meltdown-second-angle.html

  14. Blaze says:

    Would be interesting to know, what caused him to flip that bad.

  15. Mike Rogem says:

    I think this proves how annoying cubicles 😛 I think he was really stressed and that guy just put him over the limit.

  16. Tom Fox says:

    thanks for sharing the other links with audio!!! looks a lot scarier in the second clip…

  17. JohnP says:


    the CTRs have no cables attached, cubicles aren’t that easy to dismantle, and it’s suspicious the action started at the center of the video

    • Vitaliy says:

      Looks like this..

    • Radical Vlad says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. Why would there be a surveillance camera pointing at the people in the office? What exactly are they monitoring? This is not a casino, so why watch your people? In most cases cameras are mounted by entrances and exists, or at something valuable. And yeah, what’s the deal with cable-free monitors?

      • country boy says:

        It depends on what kind of work they do at that office. I once worked for a large data management company. They had cameras in all the hallways, all entrances and exits, and in certain rooms. There was a security command center where people monitored the cameras 24/7.

        Lots of places have cameras. Just because not everyone knows about them doesn’t mean they are not there. 😉

  18. asdasdasdasd says:

    F A K E !

  19. SoftWords BigStick says:

    No wires connected to the computer screens. Electro stun gun sound is heard, but view is conveniently blocked so we dont know if the guy really got stunned or not ….. looks, smells and feels like a staged event.

  20. SoftWords BigStick says:

    Computer screens are not connected with cables …. electro stun gun sound is heard, but the view is conveniently bloced, so we cannot say for sure that the guy was really getting zapped.

    Looks, smells and feels like a staged event …..

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  22. Julien says:

    Can someone knows the name of that song?

    Greetings from France

  23. Eduardo says:

    looks like is made by actors, by the way I think he actually hits the lady with the first computer monitor he throws.

  24. Notebooks says:

    Fake! Looks like Photoshop. 😀

  25. Julien says:

    What’s the song?
    Thanks 😀

  26. siarhei says:

    it was in vladivostok not in moscow

  27. Sofia says:

    The song is Nookie by Limp Bizkit.

  28. Henry says:

    “Americans are better at this lol”

    Yehh, it’s called “Going Postal”

  29. Igor says:

    That video proves that it was a fake

  30. ChoiceMad says:

    I was about to be concerned for the woman who got hit with the monitor at the beginning then I realized something… ‘Where is the power cord to the power outlet and VGA cord(or similar attachment) to the PC??’

  31. Dereks says:

    I’m astonished no one mentioned that this was a viral ad for “Wanted” movie.

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