Old Russian lady painted house 1

55 Old Lady’s House

Old Lady’s House

This is old Russian lady from Ukraine. You can see her in the middle on the photo above. She had a life full of hardships but overcame all of them, then settled in a small village in Ukraine. Her grown-up son was beating her constantly demanding to sell all her things and furniture and give all the money to him. Eventually he got
into a jail and the lady was left all by herself in this house. And once she tried to draw something on the wall when she had nothing to do. She liked so much this that she went on and on and finally all her retirement money she spent on the paint to turn all her house into an art gallery. Just take a look.
Russian car accident 1

12 It’s My Lane

It’s My Lane

"It's my lane!"
"No, it's mine!"
the Russian army parade in Moscow 1

73 The Parade Rehearsal

The Parade Rehearsal

This year they decided to held a big Russian Army parade in Moscow, Russia. Such parades were normal in Soviet Union but were not conducted since the early 90-s of the last century in Russia, after the Soviet Union collapse. This time we have photos and a pretty long video showing all the stuff
they gonna have at this parade at the 9th of May, the day that is celebrated in Russia as "The Victory Day" and they mean the victory in the World War 2. You are first who sees it, thousands of Russian would get the broadcast of the even not earlier than at that day.
Tanks vs jeeps race in Russia 1

32 Tanks vs Jeeps Race

Tanks vs Jeeps Race

This one can only be called only in Russia. In Novosibirsk
city they have a race between off-road cars and tanks.
Russian Baikonur space centre 1

21 A Visit to Baikonur

A Visit to Baikonur

This guy has paid a small visit to the Baikonur, the place from where Russian space rockets are
being launched. It is situated not in Russia now but in Kazakhstan the ex-Soviet Republic.
Park goes underwater 1

11 An Amusent Park Gets Underwater

An Amusent Park Gets Underwater

This amusement park in Volgograd gets underwater suddenly. People had to run from the roller caster so that not to dive under water in its
next curve. All as the result of somebody at hydro electric plant forgot to warn the park that they gonna rise the water level.
St. Petersburg, Russia 1

47 Another View on St.Petersburg

Another View on St.Petersburg

This photographer has his own view of one of the most beautiful
Russian cities and he expresses it with his photos.
45 Thrust Vectoring Planes

Thrust Vectoring Planes

On the video you can see a Russian jet fighter implementing thrust vectoring technology. The pilot explains in English its advantages. In general this is a technology that uses jet engines which can rotate their nozzles in any direction and also change the size of the nozzle for precise thrust control which gives
unbelievable maneuver ability. And below you can see the shots from the plant in Russian Siberia where they build those engines. They call it "the only plant in the world with serial mass production of thrust vectoring jet engines" and that NATO countries buy those engines to equip their planes.
moscow mosque 1

36 The Moscow Mosque

The Moscow Mosque

The Moscow mosque
is very popular.
The Killer Elevator 1

24 The Killer Elevator

The Killer Elevator

The real killer elevator has been met in Russia. It was like that: a lady with the baby baggy tried to enter the elevator when it suddenly started moving up, jamming
the carriage and pulling out it from the woman's hands. It was a big luck she manage to catch the toddler before it was absorbed by the elevator's guts.

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