eagle monument in Russia 1

28 An Eagle Monument

An Eagle Monument

Another strange monument has appeared
in one of the Russian city.
Russian village 1

93 Life at Russian Village

Life at Russian Village

This is one day from the random Russian village. The school, the
household routine and the fun of some random Russian countrymen.
strange lada 1

26 Strange Lada Niva

Strange Lada Niva

This Russian car is
strangely textured.
The tank being burned down at the parade in Moscow 1

45 Parade Attack

Parade Attack

Moscow parade at Russian "Victory Day" has got one strange accident. When tanks were rolling through the city center suddenly
the loud shot was heard and after that one of the tanks started burning. Who organized this attack stays unclear.
Russian Army in Germany 1

46 Russian Army in Berlin, Germany

Russian Army in Berlin, Germany

These are photos of Russian soldiers in
Berlin, Germany. Something about 63 years ago.
Russian stone idols 1

47 Russian Stone Idols of Komi

Russian Stone Idols of Komi

This is one of the most mysterious places of Russian North. Those stone idols attract tourists from all the Russia. They stand alone
on the wide plateau with no any stones or mountains around. Who built them? What for? Those questions have no answers.
abandoned Russian tank base 1

69 An Abandoned Tank Base

An Abandoned Tank Base

This guys took a trip to the Russian abandoned tank army base. Look like
this place could make a good scenery for some 3d shooter game...
Russian steel factory 1

13 The Steel Producing Plant

The Steel Producing Plant

Just some photos from the ordinary day at the
one of the Russian steel factories.
Largest hovercraft 1

55 Russian World’s Largest Military Hovercraft

Russian World’s Largest Military Hovercraft

This is the world's largest military hovercraft and it belongs to the Russian army. It is armed with missiles, artillery and AA defense guns and can carry a few heavy tanks at once. After approaching to the enemy coastline it can give a burst
of fire to tear of such fierce force that can tear big military ship apart, then without any slowing down start moving on the shore advancing deep inside to unload the tanks and infantry. There is a video below too.
Russian Army Beauty Contest 1

84 Miss Russian Army

Miss Russian Army

Russian Army has held a contest of beauty among the
female soldiers. Here are some of the contestants.

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