cuttings trees in Russia 1

28 Cutting Trees

Cutting Trees

In Russia they now fight with dangerous stand-alone old trees in the residential areas of many cities. They can't just come and saw them of - in this case the tree can fall down and
hurt nearby cars people or structures so they need to climb each tree and start cutting it from the top till reaching the basement of the tree near the ground.
Russian minister 1

22 The Health Minister

The Health Minister

Well, we shouldn't forget that even the ministers are common people, and such a small trouble as a hole on the stocking can happen even to this Russia lady - the Minister of
Health, even when she meets The President. But when the photo was released to general public it was corrected to show the polished perfection of the minister.
house in Moscow, Russia 1

28 Moscow House

Moscow House

Another tall house in Moscow, this time one of the luxury residential Russian complexes that are so popular now in the
capital of Russia. You can see on one of the photos the penthouse apartment from the top of the building.
34 Free Russian Subway

Free Russian Subway

10 ways to get into
Russian subway for free.
Russian cabrio cars 1

52 Soviet Cabrios

Soviet Cabrios

In Soviet Russia they
had cabrios too!
34 Train Crash Test

Train Crash Test

In Russia they violently
crash trains for tests.
Russian sculptures 1

25 Horror by the River

Horror by the River

When the night comes to this small town in Russia its dwellers dress their into their best cloths and go to
the promenade by the city river bank among the steel horror sculptures erected by unknown genius.
victory day agitation in Russia 1

32 Victory Day Agitation

Victory Day Agitation

In Russia they have celebrated "The Victory Day" a few days ago. Most of the cities were decorated with billboards regarding this date etc etc. Some of the billboard authors failed big time. For example this billboard from Chelyabinsk city, reading "Happy Victory Day" has a picture of a few
soldiers on the tank. People from internet got a closer look for that picture and has found that these are... Nazi soldiers standing near the captured Russian tank celebrating their small victory. Below is the bigger picture. Some other fails also are listed downthere:
Old Train in Modern Moscow, Russia 1

6 Past Meets Present

Past Meets Present

This is how sometimes past meets
present in modern Russia..
life in Soviet Russia 1

26 USSR Again

USSR Again

Another set of photos from
the Soviet Russia...

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