St. Petersburg, Russia 1

20 The City of Shadows

The City of Shadows

This is a view on St.
Petersburg by Alexey Titarenko.
11 The Mortal Kombat

The Mortal Kombat

Russian view on
the Mortal Kombat.
Karim Diab, 1 hour in ice water 1

26 Karim Diab, 1 Hour in Cold Water

Karim Diab, 1 Hour in Cold Water

Karim Diab, Russian guy with Syrian roots, has spent 1 hour in ice cold
water in Moscow getting himself into the Guinness Records book.
Life in Russia 1

15 Submitted Shots

Submitted Shots

Another part of submitted
photos from Russia.
Old Dirigibles 1

26 Pre-communist Russia’s Dirigibles

Pre-communist Russia’s Dirigibles

Before communists came to power in Russia
different kind of dirigibles were very popular.
11 The Lada Ad

The Lada Ad

New Lada ad is being aired. "The Legendary
Lada 2107, Quality. Traditions. Safety.
Export cars in Russia 1

19 Kazakhstan Auto Import

Kazakhstan Auto Import

While there is an auto-import boom in Russia, mainly getting second hand cars from the States, the nearby ex-Soviet countries import old trashy cars from Russian sellers, using
the same trashy car-carrying trucks to get them to their place. This particular car import business is from Kazakhstan (KZ), came to Moscow for some old cars.
Russian art 1

37 Ghosts and Life

Ghosts and Life

Ghosts come
to Russia.
Playing soccer on the Red Square, Moscow, Russia 1

25 The Red Square Soccer

The Red Square Soccer

Now everyone can play soccer (European football) on the Red
Square. Now people stand in long lines to do this.
24 The Flying Vibrators

The Flying Vibrators

Sometimes the flying vibrators participate
in Russian political process...

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