6 The Ice Sauna

The Ice Sauna

Posted on May 29, 2008 by

Russian ice sauna

In Russia they build hot saunas from ice, see video:

submitted by I am

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6 Responses to “The Ice Sauna”

  1. VoDkA says:


  2. John from Kansas says:

    That’s cool. Thanks for the post I am.

  3. blz says:

    Very nice. I, coming from your sauna-crazy western neighbour, approve.

  4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Has Lukashenko been there? I have not heard from him for some time, as he has been busy spanking the US ambassador and her staff, cleaning out his country and keeping it safe. He is the last true strongman, and he needs a special sauna like this in which to relax and reflect upon things like . . . wondering why Medvedev doesn’t like to party the way Putin did, why Gerhard Schroeder doesn’t like him as much as he likes Putin, and how to get sexy Angela Merkel into the sauna with him so he can re-convert her back to communism and, well, if there is time, maybe some massage and a consumation of the renewed relationship of old comrades.

  5. I have to add this video to my website!!

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