205 Lithuanians and PU-foam

Lithuanians and PU-foam

Posted on May 29, 2008 by

Strange remake of Mercedes from Lithuania 1

In Lithuania they create cars from PU-foam and luxury CL-klasse Mercedes.

Strange remake of Mercedes from Lithuania 2

Strange remake of Mercedes from Lithuania 3


205 Responses to “Lithuanians and PU-foam”

  1. Nikitn says:

    A shame… :_(

  2. BFW says:

    never saw it here

    • me says:

      LOL! LV registration! There are plenty such cars in UK with LV on reg plate. I’ve been living here for over 2,5 year and I’ve seen many (approx. 80) cars with LV reg. There were only 2 (TWO) regular cars. As regular I mean exhuast made in cars maker factory, you can see through wind sreen both ways, wheels fit the car (car width is from metal part to metal not from a left to right wheel). Do I have to mention about noise?
      What is all about? Are there only 2 lithuanians of 80 normal??????? The rest of their cars need to be tuned???? Why? Are yours willies so small so you have to tune your cars? Can anyone explain it to me?

  3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    This man is a master, and all I could think about as I scrolled through the photos was, “wow, look at all the empty yet hidden compartments within this auto.” Not even a police, a soldier, or a ass-sniffing dog (I am referring to a real dog here, not a Arab) could find anything in there!

    Please forward contact info so I can offer this man a very good job in my best “special” auto-body shop.

    Yours in crafty craftsmanship,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  4. maxD says:

    Very dedicated guy.

  5. iNck says:

    He should go and work for a car designer rather than wasting his moulding talent on ugly monsters like that.

  6. pld says:

    So yet again, what does Lithuania have to do with Russia? Change the name of the blog or post relevant items.

    • Louise says:

      What is the problem? This blog is described as a \”daily entertaiment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.\”

      Now Lithuania may only have Russian as a second-most-spoken language, after Lithuanian itself, but it still qualifies.

      If you don\’t like this blog, you are free to go and create the \”Purist English Russia\” site. In the meantime, let the rest of us enjoy it without this pointless carping.

      • lithuanian says:

        Its event under question whether russian is still second most spoken language in lithuania and if it is soon it will not be since there are very few lithuanians under 25 who speak russian. So please do not place us under one flag with “Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan”. Thank You for understanding

    • Faifas says:

      Lithuania was occupied by Russians and some people still think we are a part of Russia. Anyway I don’t understand why don’t you like that funny stuff is posted here? Who cares if it’s Russia or Lithuania, it’s still fun!

  7. Henryk says:

    Lithuania was until recently a part of the soviet union just like russia, that’s the connection.

    • numb says:

      I bet only 5% of englishrussia visitors knew that Lithuania was part of soviet union. Good job educating, Henryk

    • Lithuanian in USA says:

      “Recently”??? How about since 1992! A whole new generation of Lithuanians have grown up since then. Hardly “recent” anymore.

    • Pertakuliusis says:

      Lithuania is only small, slowly developing part of RUSSIA!!

    • Pertakuliusis says:

      And also, Lithuania and Latvia are one(1) same Russian provincie, only words are different, this is only one place whit different names!!

      • Apyt says:

        Check your your knowledge. Lithuania was occupied, its the same to say that India is British, because it was in Britsh empire :) Lithuanians and Latvians have long history, longer that slavic parts. So go away.

        • Live in Lithuania says:

          Stop screaming that Lithuania and Russia are so from different planets, people are aware of the situation today, they are just teasing you so you would whine some more often how free and different we are from Russia so others could get a good laugh.

          • Minde says:

            By the way, at some point Russia was a province of Lithuania. In Moscow still exits a hill named in honour of one of the Lithuanian dukes Gediminas, as he used to wait there until Russians paid their taxes ;)

  8. Louise says:

    That fellow looks obsessed. Not that that is a bad thing, necessarily, since he is evidencing complete care and attention to detail. But does he do this for money or love? How much can he possible sell this car for to make it worthwhile to spend so many hours on it?

    The result is more like a Faberge egg than a motor vehicle, evidence of infinite patience and human endeavor.

  9. Supermutt says:

    Nice looking interior. Over all not bad considering that it is mainly painted foam.

    Needs to be less curvy in the front though.

  10. Deep Freeze says:

    This guy has as much talent as any great surfboard shaper.
    I don’t particularly love the design of this one car but it is easy to see that he possesses the ability to create any custom look, and even though I don’t like it, I still agree that it’s a striking piece of artwork and someone surely will think it is beautiful, because it really is a very nice looking car and it’s very well crafted.
    Three cheers for this amazing Lithuanian. He is truly a “Vilnius Schoolmaster”

  11. Niels R. says:

    I’ve a Citroën 2CV in my garage. Can he make me something that blitz from it?

    PS: That guy is a talented man!

  12. CZenda says:

    OK, I would understand this as a car design exercise, but I am confused about the standard plates – the car is not roadworthy anymore. If he used standard PU foam, he turned it to crematorium on wheels – the foam is extremely flammable – and this surely contradicts all safety standards.
    BTW, the mask looks to me like that used on the newer Lancias, e.g. Thesis.

    • Norwegian =) says:

      Not all PU-foam is flammable. Due too stricter building demands on fire safety we only use “fire proof” now.
      Not saying it wouldnt melt if it got hot enough, but i dont think all PU foam burns.

      • Zafarad says:

        Yes,you are absolutely right,all PU foams requires ignition to burn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • Texas1 says:

        In the US, we have standards that foam must be FM certified for these types of applications. Since Russia is still a developing country, they probably don’t have too many safety standards.

        • Lithuanian in USA says:

          Hey Texan! Pay attention! This car was not built in Russia. It was built in Lithuania.

        • Charlie says:

          Russia is an MEDC and has been a technological and political leader through a lot of the 20th century. By what definition is it a developing country?

          • TERRA Operative says:

            according to the americans, any country that’s not America is a developing country….

          • Anthony Arndt says:

            “Developing” in terms of “getting better”. The Soviet Union was a military and aerospace design leader for generations. However, after Russian independence and the economic collapse of the ’90s, the Russian industrial and economic sectors have seen a significant amount of development.

            As opposed to “disintegrating” like the US.

    • walter says:

      We call this “natural selection”

      2009, Darwin Year!

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  14. Danno says:

    It’s obviously just for show!!

  15. jozhix says:

    “Now Lithuania may only have Russian as a second-most-spoken language, after Lithuanian itself, but it still qualifies.”

    In Lithuania there is only one language – Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian, German may coexist, but has as much to go with Lithuania as Chineese in Russia! ok, offtopic.

    That car doesnt even look close to CL-klasse Mercedes in first picture…

    • Jonas says:

      In Lithuania Russian is the third spoken language.

      English is much more popular especially between youth.

    • MINK says:

      baltic and slavic languages are more similar than russian and chinese. baltic and germanic languages are more similar than russian and chinese.

      in lithuania, especially in the capital city, russian is widely spoken.

      but it’s not russia.

      but it used to be russian empire, and soviet union, heck even napoleon got here, and lithaunia was also in an alliance with poland during which the lithuanian royal family started talking polish.

      official forms are available in lithuanian and russian and english and probably french as well if you moan enough in a french accent. (european union)

      that’s the short version of the story. thanks for listening. good night everybody.

  16. Luis says:

    I wonder if that guy can make me an Audi R8

  17. Colonel Chevalier says:

    Is very impressive of creativeness of people of Mother Russia. More impressive is ponytailed woman in #44.

    • P says:

      … ? Mother Russia … You’re blind or deaf ? Read wise comments above , please ! Both ways – stay where you are, in your Mother Germany, where lives Turk people mostly, or in France, where 60% of the nation is blackskinned. And please do not post garbage comments ( like I just did :) )

      The car is ugly. The rimms are nice :) Rimms are nothing to do with that “author”.

  18. ChicoSuave says:

    Wow, outstanding work and craftsmaship, i’m very impressed. But I think he need some expertise in coat selection; I’ll give Karl Lagerfeld a call.

    • Zafarad says:

      His fame and recognition is because of his craftsmanship.,not because of his “coat selection”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      I think this is the coat of a man who enjoys a good disco!

      He only needs the appropriate hat as an accessory, with maybe two nice ladies, one on each arm, and he will be ready!

  19. Cross Eyed Seagull says:

    Too pimped out for my tastes, but the process is interesting too see. Is that foam any good for making forms/molds for carbon fiber body parts? Decent show car anyway! Nice work!

  20. Pacific NW says:

    He’s quite the artisan, and I dig that shaggy fur coat in #5.

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  22. lithuanian says:

    Very interesting. I saw this car couple days ago when I was driving from Vilnius to Klaipeda. It was standing next to some agricultural warehouse 10-20miles past Kaunas. It looked very weird with these big rims. Of course it’s a head turner. Looks sorta like corvette, but these rims are too big. Thanks EnglishRussia for explaining this thing.

  23. shadowboxing says:

    [...] English Russia » Lithuanians and PU-foam [...]

  24. Svenchik says:

    Does this mean the car will float if it falls into the water? What does the ding repair kit look like…. a tube of foam filler? Do insurance companies insure foam cars?

  25. Pozorny-jestem z Polski says:

    o kurwa!

  26. grant says:

    must be quiet in there

  27. [...] We liked the idea of styling and building our own car and this guy from Lithuania has done just that. While we would probably start with a Datsun 120Y and turn it into something that looked like a Mercedes CL, this guy has taken a perfectly good CL and turned it into a cross between a Ferarri and a Ssang Yong. We do give the guy credit for the amount of painstaking work this mod must of taken to achieve. Basically he has built a new body around the Benz with expanding foam held in place by cardboard. Once it set he has then finished off the styling with a lot of bog and filing. We really hate the grill and the bulberous wheel arches but then again we’d be happy with the untouched doner car, Mercedes Benz probably spent millions on styling the CL, why does a guy in a shed with a can of bog think he can do a better job. For the full gallery head over to englishrussia.com blog. [...]

  28. zxc says:

    Well this is not for driving anyway.
    As Lithuania is not part of the Russia (its a member of EU actually) driving regulations are very strict. Even passengers in the back seat of the car can be fined for not using a safetybelts, so driving foam car would be a serious offence.

  29. AdriankK says:

    Beyond tacky as hell. Ruined a perfectly good CL.

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    • DJ says:

      i too wanted to see the fiberglass /painting pics. what happened after the application of foam, and then next its a shiny car. can we contact the person in the pic or the photographer?

  32. Trucker says:

    I think they skipped a whole bunch of steps here. Generally, you shape the foam, then lay fiberglass over it. Then you sand down and fill the fiberglass until it’s smooth, and ready for paint. I would have liked to seen the fiberglass shots too.

  33. manuel says:

    Talented guy but hideous taste. That is perhaps the ugliest car I have ever seen.

  34. marComa says:

    Ob das Schaumstoffmobil TÜVig ist ??? ;) Ich glaubs net ^^

  35. Mathouse says:

    I agree but about 30 years ago a half of euro-asia was Russia so everybody could did a mistake. I thought like that 95 % of englishrussia visitors that Lithuania was in USSR . Thanks for information.

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  41. o says:

    He has a wife. He really does.

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  43. enté says:

    He is the latvian Lipu?

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  45. BobTheBuilder says:

    Great job, you ruined a beautifull car and made an ugly, dangerous and rubbish car of foam from it…

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  47. rauchen says:

    Very cool concept car. Nothing wrong with starting off with a MB. It looked like it was junk anyway. I just wonder how long you could drive down that cobblestone street before the vibration would make all the foam fall off. That would make a good comedy skit. lol.

  48. Paul says:

    Lithuania as it stands now has nothing to do with Russia apart from it’s history. But then countries like UK or Germany has a long history ties with Russia, so they should qualify too…

    It’s dishonor to put a free and seperate country on this list.

  49. Macca says:

    There is another guy in the UK doing this aswell. A company called ethros. Seems to be a fast way of making molds I guess

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  51. Pertakuliusis says:

    Lithuania is a small part of Russia, nobody knows where is it, or what is it, and who the hell is lithuanians, so that is why, some people think lithuania is independent country… Look at some smart books!! Everybody knows, that lithuania is small North West part of Great RUSSIA!!!

    • Mawerick says:

      I suppose you are not being serious with this? Lithuania has been independent since 1991 so it’s not a part of “great” Russia.

  52. Midnight Cowboy says:

    I’m sorry but to those who think this is craftmanship, what a load of tosh, people who think they can replace the body panels of a monocoque with part panels and builders foam ought to be taken out to a ditch and machine gunned to a painfull death, not only is this hideous abortion an affront to good taste and human creativity, it is so malformed, dis-jointed, dis-proportioned and disgusting to look at it needs to meet to an immediate and humiliating destruction.
    it is also a complete engineering dissaster.
    many moons ago, real craftsmen developed machines to fabricate one off panels, such as the english wheel and various derivations of these wheeling machines which allows real craftsmen to fabricate sheet steel, aluminium or even stainless into body panels of as complex a compound curvature as the mind can imagine, these can them be MIG’ed, TIG’ed or even hammer welded to together to create a complete and curvacious bodyshell devoid of hundreds of litres of fill n fix foam.

    burn it.

    Midnight Cowboy

  53. Midnight Cowboy says:

    I’m sorry but to those who think this is craftmanship, what a load of tosh, people who think they can replace the body panels of a monocoque with part panels and builders foam ought to be taken out to a ditch and machine gunned to a painfull death, not only is this hideous abortion an affront to good taste and human creativity, it is so malformed, dis-jointed, dis-proportioned and disgusting to look at, it needs to meet to an immediate and humiliating destruction.
    it is also a complete engineering dissaster.
    many moons ago, real craftsmen developed machines to fabricate one off panels, such as the english wheel and various derivations of these wheeling machines which allows real craftsmen to fabricate sheet steel, aluminium or even stainless into body panels of as complex a compound curvature as the mind can imagine, these can them be MIG’ed, TIG’ed or even hammer welded to together to create a complete and curvacious bodyshell devoid of hundreds of litres of fill n fix foam.

    burn it.

    Midnight Cowboy

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  55. chana says:

    does any one know about the material he used ?

  56. Wouldnt want to get in a accident with that car. Protected by foam lol.

  57. Robert Vannrox says:

    Outstanding! He is a real artist. also he is breaking ground and will revolutionize the auto mod industry. Bravo!

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  59. tyndskid41@yahoo.com says:

    Dam good job but the outcome is butt ugly

  60. Fred says:

    Can’t say the design is to my taste but it can’t be any less safe than a corvette in a fire or crash. It still has the underlying mercedes steel unibody and if you are burning the cyanide in the foam might take you out quicker and with more mercy than the plastic interior and foam in the vette.

  61. Justas says:

    I feel embarrassed to live in the same country as this guy… This is an absolute waist of time, money and he only shows that he has absolutely no taste. The ugliest thing on 4 wheels I’ve ever seen.

  62. ProXas says:

    fully agree – this guy circled all lithuanian auto-forums in joke sections…

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  64. digg.ee says:

    Leedukas tegi Makroflexist endale auto…

  65. Max says:

    This is a outstanding art performance.

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  67. christian says:

    ………………………………..NO WORDS

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  69. daniel says:

    For all of incults people : The Republic of Moldavia IS NOT RUSSIA !!! IT WAS AND WILL REMAIN ALLWAYS A ROMANIAN TERRITORY !! The same about part of Ukraine and Hungary !!!
    As about the people of Letvia, let them spend their money and their talent as they like !! Shut your mouths !

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  76. Pinty says:

    Ah, the devotion in his eyes!
    Cool car

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  80. david says:

    What size are those rear wheels? like 60 inch???? awesome

  81. Shamri Wattab says:

    Lithuania is a small country. The people are wild as far as I know and similar to Russians, but wilder than Russians, more like Chechen or Afghanis. They speak some archaic form of European language and are usually angry people who swear a lot using Russian cursewords. Lithuania is still a poor country to compare with US or Germany or even with Czech Republic. It’s mostly cold climate and high suicidal rates makes it a perfect destination for Amazigh tourists :-) Finally, the car is ugly, but the guy’s first creation is quite beautiful. Inshallah.

  82. Jim says:

    The front looks like an asian character in a racist old warner bros. cartoon. Or possibly Mickey Rooney in the insufferable Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  83. oooocanada says:

    Over-designed. Ugly!

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  85. Haruhi Suzumiya says:

    Looks can be deceiving. at first glance it looks nice and fast but then its really foam!!!ROTFLMFAO

    p.s: how much time and money did it take to build?

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  88. maniac mike says:

    Loved it. I was thinking corvette the whole time. The old fiberglass bodies were once thought of as odd. This guy is one imaginative person. Bet it’s fast. Safety is a concern though. Still it’s impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  89. Casey R Williams says:

    I think it’s a clever idea. It’s essentially just a sculpt with a nice auto finish. It’s obvious the doors can’t even be opened. I guess he wants a job as an auto stylist and just wanted to show off with more than a lump of clay.

    And it’s so great to know there are people who would drag you out and shoot you for screwing around in your garage. That would never happen in America. If that guy built that car here there would probably be 3 or 4 other people drinking beer in every picture.

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  91. Mark says:

    Awesome but will the body withstand high speeds?

  92. Buy Lap Harp says:

    I need that guy to come and work on my car. Kudos to him. And he should definitely be offered a job at a real car company

  93. enzo says:

    does any one know how heavy is this car ? it does matter .

  94. terrormaschine says:

    even tho the car isnt the best looking thing in the world you have to give him credit for actually making something with his 2 hands…

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  99. Anastasia says:

    This guy should come work in Detroit to design cars….We need talent!

  100. Lance Booker says:

    I wish I had the talent. I wouldn’t go to this extreme but I would love to be able to modify my 450SL and XK8. Business partner? Love the coat too! I must be in the wrong place. Thank you for sharing your art.

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  102. lietu says:

    What is the symbol on the back of the car?

  103. tempe says:


  104. Ralph M Bohm says:

    This is too cool. I would like to meet this guy and ask him for some pointers. I do bodywork and need some ideas.

  105. Borat says:

    Pamela Anderson in car like that with me would ride!

  106. ThatGuy says:

    I wouldn’t trust that car as far as I could throw it. And man is it ugly! It looks like an evil rat.

  107. some1 says:


  108. tsa-algerie says:

    Great article, I’m an avid reader of your blog, keep up the great work, and I’ll be a regular visitor for a very long time.

  109. Mac says:

    What a terrible waste of a Mercedes.

  110. English Russia » Lithuanians and PU-foam…

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  113. adhi says:

    nice work… especially the rear rims… sooo biiggg… :D

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  115. hermit says:

    Car’s finished body isn’t made from foam. Only the initial shape was crafted from it. After that it was layered with fiberglass to create a mold. Then the final body-panels were made from fiberglass. Basically it’s the same as Corvette…

  116. Ednonymous says:

    The man is very skilled… a true artist, but… OMG what an ugly car.

  117. Mike says:

    That is pretty cool, it shows that you can use the simplest and strange materials to make something one of a kind. Personally I am not a fan of the front end, but to each their own. Whats with all the haters?

  118. Kevin Wilson says:

    I’m really curious to know if this thing actually drives?

  119. Taneisha says:

    Awesome, great skill, great visison, great idea & practical too

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  122. Russian says:

    good he should be good as he is Russian

  123. cicinho says:

    very beautiful I love this car wanted to get this one

  124. cicinho says:

    very beautiful I love this car wanted to get this one…

  125. Andres(EST) says:

    oops, sorry, I meant that anger for the next comment, I dont really understand this webpage:D

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  128. Victor says:

    I like good car, and who is the designer.
    Argentina, Mdz.

  129. Victor says:

    I like good car, and who is the designer.
    Argentina, Mdz.

  130. Nice post of pictures of the making,it seems it is a tough procedure but worth it because the finish product looks very luxurious.Great patience man you deserve a big applause.

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  133. jedna_brew says:

    its overdesigned – too big wheels, and front looking like a barn gate. but i respect the effort of this guy.

  134. [...] technique? Thinking outside the box, check out what this Lithuanian guy did with his car: English Russia Lithuanians and PU-foam Now, our tastes in automotive styling may not match, but look what he did using hand [...]

  135. when i browse videos on youtube, i always look for those videos with funny stuffs in it;;-

  136. i love funny stuffs, but i specially like funny movies and funny videos on the internet -`’

  137. 12345 says:

    What a nasty designed car that is. It looks like it should be in my toilet.

  138. [...] Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region nbspnbspNew Wreckers in Lithuania nbspnbspLithuanians and PU-foamnbspnbspGoats Beauty Contest nbspnbspRussian People 100 Years Ago in Color nbspnbspSoviet Cars [...]

  139. wow thats a great transformation

  140. j s says:

    This is how mockups are made all the time.

  141. richie says:

    You have a great eye for cars. You could make some great money designing for one of the large automakers- but you will have to work with a less dangerous substance like clay. That foam without breathers will kill you.

  142. i bet that foam weighs much less than carbon fibre, and while it might be flammable, that car outpaces the original easily

  143. WTF Friday: Um……k? | Stance Is Everything says:

    […] My best guess to it’s origin would be that the car was in some sort of significant accident and the owner decided this was the best way to resurrect it, or he is trying to do what the Lithuanians did a few years back. […]

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