26 Karim Diab, 1 Hour in Cold Water

Karim Diab, 1 Hour in Cold Water

Posted on May 25, 2008 by

Karim Diab, 1 hour in ice water 1

Karim Diab, Russian guy with Syrian roots, has spent 1 hour in ice cold water in Moscow getting himself into the Guinness Records book.

Karim Diab, 1 hour in ice water 2

Karim Diab, 1 hour in ice water 3


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26 Responses to “Karim Diab, 1 Hour in Cold Water”

  1. Harry says:

    Why are there no posts about the eurovision song contest and Russia’s glorious victory?

    • Indy says:

      Russia’s glorious victory ? I did not see any glorious victory : Ukraine or Greece were better (I personaly as French prefered Bosnia or Spain), and I saw only geostrategic votes : countries voted for their mighty neighbours (and Russia is indeed mighty), and not for the real quality of the songs. I may have been a mind-reader as I guessed most of 10/12 points votes before even they were announced.
      That was a mockery of contest ! And I say that, even if I love Russia…
      Now, that may be time to introduce new rules in the contest : financial participation should be proportional to the votes and the inhabitants. And we should reintroduce the fact that singing in local language should be mandatory…

      • Harry says:

        I was being sarcastic. The whole thing is ridiculous. Does anyone actually take it seriously or is it, like in England, the biggest joke of the year?

        • Alexander says:

          I thought that the biggest joke in England is that England is not in the Euro 2008 =) Russia is there to represent them =)

    • hooey says:

      It wasn’t glorious, this gay Russian guy totally sucked at singing, it was just that there was nothing better to choose from.

  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Did he take advantage of this opportunity for scientific discovery? For example, did he measure the circumference of his testicles before entering water, and then again after exit, and compare the difference and the time passed in order to determine the rate of shrinkage?

    Of course the Syrians are not as bright as the Persians (although I must give them a “shout out” for their help in destroying the infidel government in Lebanon), but maybe one of my helpful Russian friends thought to remind him.

    Also, did anyone check his testicles before he entered the water, to make sure he did not cheat (Syrians REALLY like this)? For example, maybe he had his testicles wrapped in a pair of battery-powered heated socks, which could have provided comfort during his long stay in the water. They would be like having warm roasted chestnuts by the fire on a cold winter night!

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      “Syrians REALLY like this”

      Just in case anyone was confused about what I refer to, it’s no problem–Syrians like cheating AND having their testicles checked.

  3. durkadurkastan says:

    Only a Russian, only a Russian.

  4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    I meant to add a comment again, but the complicated math equation required me to call in one of the university processors first.

    Anyway I just wanted to state that the testicles are very important, I like them.

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      Dear Imposter,

      I am flattered that you want to be me, or even like me. It is truly understandable. However, please do not use my name again, unless of course it is in adoration or congratulations for another of my strategic diplomatic victories against the West, or for my application of the wisdom of disco lyrics to a problem posted here on ER.

      Wishing you an authentic signature line,
      The “real” M. Ahmadinejad

  5. stav says:

    thought about the same (1st)

  6. Oleg says:

    Why does he have “peace” tattooed on his forehead?

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  10. jman says:

    rofl, I was thinking the same exact thing.

  11. hao says:

    as a Russian David Blaine, in part due to doing a 48-day fast in a sealed chamber) were posted to EnglishRussia, showing him doing a one-hour immersion in the cold water of a hole in the ice of the Moscow River, [...]

  12. Lilly Bell says:

    David Blaine has very good showmanship and his magic tricks are good too.`-*

  13. Max Wood says:

    i like the magic tricks of David Blaine but Chris Angel is much better.’*~

  14. both David Blaine and Chris Angel have great showmanship when it comes to magic tricks,:`

  15. David Levy says:

    Strong! god dam I couldn’t do that .

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