19 Kazakhstan Auto Import

Kazakhstan Auto Import

Posted on May 23, 2008 by

Export cars in Russia 1

While there is an auto-import boom in Russia, mainly getting second hand cars from the States, the nearby ex-Soviet countries import old trashy cars from Russian sellers, using the same trashy car-carrying trucks to get them to their place. This particular car import business is from Kazakhstan (KZ), came to Moscow for some old cars.

Export cars in Russia 2

Export cars in Russia 3

Export cars in Russia 4

Export cars in Russia 5

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19 Responses to “Kazakhstan Auto Import”

  1. numb says:

    How is it possible that a contraption like that is legal even in Russia? If he gets thru Russia by paying bribes, then he’ll have to pay every few kms because the system stands out so badly.

  2. Satyr says:

    Don’t you see this truck were in road accident? Look in what manner cars loaded into truck.

  3. Jonny says:

    The Audi on top of the truck is from my Town, GT on the number plate means Gütersloh! Now i know where all the cars are! :)

  4. Katz says:

    Erm, seems a lot more likely that it was involved in an accident. I doubt something like that is driveable let alone road legal. The front of the truck and of the first car are damaged in the same place and the front tyre is completely flat, looks like it hit something hard head on and the trailer was collected or swung into something else.

    Not detecting a little anti-Kazak sentiment am I? =)

  5. Nikitn says:

    that thing… how could it drive on road? Wtf? It could not have possebly droven on Russian roads! i think picture 2&3 are diffrent trucks

  6. Bishop Brennan says:

    I would have figured that many Kazakh’s would get their second hand car in from Japan, like in far eastern Russia.

  7. Bishop Brennan says:

    Most cars in Russia are JDM Japanese cars.

  8. Gizmo says:

    Pics 3&4 are obviously a different truck then the other pics, not even the same type or color trailer. They were both obviously involved in wrecks when the pics were taken, they werent being driven in that condition.

    Poor Isuzu Trooper on the red/yellow trailer :(

  9. th1 says:

    They come to Lithuania to buy old cars. Man, they buy anything you sell. Some people make good money buying used cars from Germany and then selling it to Kazahs

  10. Anton says:

    I transport cars from the US to different parts of the world. I do not buy or sell cars. I only ship them for my customers. Most of the market of new cars and “good” used cars goes to Russia and Ukraine. Some of the damage car market is to Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan, however, the most the damage cars are shipped to Dubai where they are disassembled for parts and sold to some of the Arabic and, or African countries, and the countries of central Asia.

  11. Nikiforov says:

    Bad condition of technics is permanently problem of Kazakhstan. They even change carriages, coming from Russia, and backs their own, defective. Railroad workers in Russia are destroy them immediately, because this carriages can’n be expluatated without highest risk.

  12. Kazakh says:

    Come on guys, that track was in accident, he can’t enter Kazakhstan like that.
    it was in 90s. now evrthg changed.
    We don’t buy cars from baltic states cause it’s real trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now about 60-70% of selling cars are new.

    THIS IS REAL ANTI-KAZAKH ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 890 says:

    You are mistaken. The U.S. exported $156,600,000,000 in cars to Russia last year. Do a better job of research.

  14. ddd says:

    it is a picture of an accident!

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  16. Cool post, there’s constantly new things to learn. I loved reading few of your posts for these last few minutes, and I think I’m going to stay some more time here ;). I’ll get back frequently now ;)

  17. Kai Collins says:

    we have an Automotive shop at home because my dad and i loves automobiles. .;~

  18. Eve Reid says:

    me and my brothers do have lots of passion about automotive stuffs,–

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