28 Moscow House

Moscow House

Posted on May 20, 2008 by

house in Moscow, Russia 1

Another tall house in Moscow, this time one of the luxury residential Russian complexes that are so popular now in the capital of Russia. You can see on one of the photos the penthouse apartment from the top of the building.

house in Moscow, Russia 2

house in Moscow, Russia 3

house in Moscow, Russia 4

house in Moscow, Russia 5

house in Moscow, Russia 6

house in Moscow, Russia 7

house in Moscow, Russia 8

house in Moscow, Russia 9

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28 Responses to “Moscow House”

  1. AndersonBMX says:

    last from the bottom to top

  2. M0L0TOV says:

    Beautiful view but you couldn’t pay me to live somewhere so high. I’d have to live with a parachute on my back if I was in a building like that.

  3. Richard S. says:

    It would be more interesting if there were interior photos!

  4. MINK says:


  5. Nadiush says:

    Russians are not bothered with things like taste or style. New is better than old, marble is better than concrete, velvet is better than cotton… etc.. The style /taste expressed in this penthouse reminds me of The Sopranos or MTV Cribs. Underclass with money.

  6. spicy_sausage says:

    I disagree i think the last one looks really nice.

  7. Luchino says:

    Vacca troia!!!

  8. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  9. pld says:

    Again, a grotesque demonstration of the complete lack of taste of Russians.

  10. Nadiush says:

    Russians are not bothered by style or class.

    Bigger is better, new is better than old, the more the better, marble is better than concrete, silk is better than cotton, etc… In particular this penthouse and this last building as a whole seem to be designed with The Sopranos and MTV Cribs in mind. Underclass with money to burn. One cannot blame them, coming from gloomy Soviet times…

  11. cykalox says:

    actualy they copy usa copying russia copying usa

  12. John from Kansas says:

    Don’t look down, you’ll get dizzy.

  13. Dan says:

    Tasteless, crude, brash, ugly. Definitely Russian.

  14. Fat Usian says:

    Me likes.

  15. Ionut Puiu says:

    Amazing. Very beautiful view.

  16. alc says:

    The main main problem of this building isn’t architecture. This hause slowly climbs down into Moscow river.
    It’s awful Moscow secret,that is known everyone.
    Because almost half flats in it are empty

  17. CZenda says:

    If they have money to burn, why the hell do not they use some of them to hire a decent architect??
    This joke looks even worse than Stalin´s Gothic…

  18. muzhik says:

    Good excercise for your PC muscle!
    For more controlled, powerful, earth-shattering orgasms! ;)

  19. Tough boy says:

    It’s definetly “Alye Parusa” (“Voiles écarlates”) and “Triumph Palace”.

  20. Norherner says:

    Yuk, kitschy!

  21. LivingInMoscow says:

    We live in this apartment building now and it hasn’t budged in the two years that we’ve been here. I think that it’s a joke that some think that they’re falling slowly into the river. As for the ‘half-full’ -just try finding a a parking spot here if you don’t have the luxury of an assigned spot in the garage! They’re just completing two new towers now, and a third is scheduled. And yes, I too would like to see photos of the tallest tower’s Penthouse. Luckily the owner doesn’t use the attached helipad… that would be noisy.

  22. lude nunes says:

    its the Alye Parusa…

  23. Smokes says:

    Moscow is a very nice town. I want to visit it again and again.

  24. vodkins says:

    In second photo great view of my beloved Tushino district. My house near water channel and green hilly park!

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  26. S says:

    What is so ugly about this? It’s a tall, new residential building. Not a novel concept and not much more than luxury housing in a city.

    Not everybody in the world wants to live like Americans in their unnecessarily large cities with high obesity rates and stifling commutes.

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