34 Free Russian Subway

Free Russian Subway

Posted on May 19, 2008 by

10 ways to get into Russian subway for free.

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34 Responses to “Free Russian Subway”

  1. Mario says:


  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Can I hire this very intelligent and crafty young Russian man to instruct my agents in US and UK? They are spending too much money on subway and tube rides where they flirt with and video girls, then lie to me and tell me they are doing surveillance on targets.

    • Vladimir Nabob says:

      As you know, Mr. President, American and British girls are very fat and easy to bed down. Very few of these girls could fit through the turnstiles of the Moscow metro. Thus, you need to forget about young Russian punks jumping the turnstile and focus on getting your agents to become nauseous in the presence of naked fat Western girls. Then they will concentrate on the important tasks of fomenting religious mistrust and flooding the US economy with counterfeit Liberty Head silver dollars.

    • C**BA says:

      everyone in Russia easily cuold consult your agents. i’m sure =)

  3. slavich says:

    the last one snake THAT WAS GREAT!

  4. VoDkA says:

    In america, you block gate. In the nation previously known as Soviet Russia, gate blocks you

  5. says:

    I got get it. could someone explain the system for me? I can’t see any blockade exept on the last one?

  6. nikolai mastioukov says:

    eto narodnaia mudrastj. nehuia tak dratj za metro, mozhet bitj?

  7. adios says:

    u nas v Barcelone dveri visokie,huy pereprignesh

  8. Ian says:

    the 1st works great not even in Russia

  9. onitake says:

    can someone translate the text please?

  10. Qawi says:

    Please upload the videos also to youtube as the current host is SLOW.

  11. spicy_sausage says:

    The last one is brilliant!

    Wouldn’t fancy being in his shoes when that woman gets a grip of him.

  12. Domo says:

    Relax, it was a joke!

  13. Pedro (the brazilian!) says:

    Jumping goat , My favorite one! :D

  14. sliders_alpha says:


    why does he have to jump? i don’t see anything between those things.

    are those thing using something like an infra-red barried to sense if someone get through without a ticket (what happen then? an alarm ring and a security guy come?)

    • Gerry says:

      Yes, there are two light sensors, one in the the front and one in the back of these gates. So if you try to pass in wrong direction or pass without having put a token in machine, the gates close. The correct sequence to pass through is token-front sensor-back sensor. I think it’s a typical example in many “digital logic” textbooks :-)

      • sliders_alpha says:

        ok ;) that because in my country we only have physical barrier, i’ve never seen that kind of gate before

  15. xgeronimo says:

    mne bolshe slepoi variant narvitsia.

  16. Domo says:

    Well, for the past 73 years since the subway was built, nobody died because of the gates.
    Also, there is an emergency unblock system.

  17. Gerry says:

    I’ve been in Kiev metro, in all stations there is always a woman employee near entrance gates and quite often a policeman so it doesn’t look so easy to me to cheat by jumping over!

    At least this gate system is fair, everyone pays (or almost everyone). In many West-Europe countries (don’t know about USA), you buy a ticket, validate it in entrance and then somebody *MAY* check you ticket and give you a fine if you don’t have or if it’s fallen off your pocket. So some pay and some travel for free, betting that they won’t be caught. Which means that metro company looses profits and increases ticket price as counterbalance. Which means that ticket payers also “finance” the ticket of cheaters. Don’t think that this is real fair, i prefer the russian way, cheap ticket but for everybody.

  18. quest says:

    hi what’s name the song?

  19. Geoff says:

    With regards to the slender Russian girls/women compared to the fat UK and US women – isn’t it because there isn’t that much food in Russia??

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  21. flomax says:



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