52 Soviet Cabrios

Soviet Cabrios

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Russian cabrio cars 1

In Soviet Russia they had cabrios too!

Russian cabrio cars 2

Russian cabrio cars 3

Russian cabrio cars 4

Russian cabrio cars 5

Russian cabrio cars 6

Russian cabrio cars 7

Russian cabrio cars 8

Russian cabrio cars 9

Russian cabrio cars 10

Russian cabrio cars 11

Russian cabrio cars 12

Russian cabrio cars 13

Russian cabrio cars 14

Russian cabrio cars 15

Russian cabrio cars 16

Russian cabrio cars 17

Russian cabrio cars 18

via russianfun.net

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52 Responses to “Soviet Cabrios”

  1. Deep Freeze says:

    Did you throw in the pic of the AC Bristol because it is sitting in Russia?

    • blingo says:

      The race car is a ZiL-112S.

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

        and I would look very sexy driving it. That car is a mechanical manifestation of my energy, power, and overwhelming charisma, if I may say so in all modesty.

      • blingo says:

        Shelby raced resembling Cobras in the Sixties (won world-championship by 1965 – Commendatore hin, Ferrari her). ZiL-112S of 1962 or 1961 – about the time of the 289. Replica of 1940s’ Ferraris is a stretch.

        • blingo says:

          Grand Sport, Cheetah, Daytona Coupé, ZL-1 & L-88, ’67 Eldorado and early Toronado (actually ’70 Eldorados with ’67 fronts I see).. – just my preferred era.
          And above, now there are the ZiL-117 and replicas of ZiL-112S that have to be built with supercharged 7.7 alloys :)

  2. Zafarad says:

    First! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. subu says:

    They copy cars from USA

  4. Obligatory says:

    In Soviet Russia car chops your roof off!

  5. zmijaspl says:

    on third and fourth picture is polish car Warszawa M-20

  6. k48 says:

    The last few pictures are not cabrios. These are cheap off-road cars where tent is used instead of metal because it’s cheaper and lighter.

  7. hah says:

    Looks like most of these were reserved for high-ranking military personnel and aristocrats.

  8. Zafarad says:

    I agree with some guys,at least all Soviet and Russian cars copied from U ASS of A’s “original” designs.they copied,four wheels,Windows,steering,engines and much much more! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !differentiate between “inspiration and copy”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  9. Bishop Brennan says:

    Jesus, did the Ruskies steal all ideas from the Americans in terms of car designs?

  10. John from Kansas says:

    Great fun to drive in nice weather.

  11. UA Releases says:

    Nicht shissen! Das ist rus kabriolet!

  12. Scrat335 says:

    Hell, to him the whole of Russia is a copy of the USA.

  13. blingo says:

    Please let me know if anybody ever heard of foreign patterns for ZiL’s 7.7 liter OHC aluminum V8s.

    • blingo says:

      Well, ZiL’s current engine I meant. Designation should be ZiL-115, I guess. Used in ZiL-115 and later ZiL-4104xx cars. ZiL-112S/65 used ZiL-117’s and ZiL-114’s aluminum 7.0l V8, which I think of as an OHV.


      photos at


      • blingo says:

        The 7.0 in the drawing is clearly pushrod and should depict a ZiL-114 or what it may be called.

        All the photos show the ZiL-115 OHC.
        Revolutionary is so relative. Soviet diesels in tanks and bombers were 4-valve- DOHC in second world war. About the biggest diesels one (me) could want in something like the Railton, Blastolene’s tank car or the like, by the way.

        So from ZiL-115 on they were OHC. About the 112S/65 I don’t really know. Neither drawing nor photo so far.

  14. slavich says:

    I dont think design is copied. I always though that russian cars looked pretty original. The latest model of volga is however baced on a chassis of a 10yo chrysler

    • M0L0TOV says:

      I take it you’re referring to the Gaz Siber. The vehicle is based off the previous generation Chrysler Sebring. However, all the tooling was bought from Chrysler and Chrysler of Mexico is providing the 2.4 liter engine for the Siber. The vehicle is made in Russia but it is an approved copy of the Sebring. It’s sort of a similar situation with the Santana 2500 and Land Rover Defender.

  15. John from Kansas says:

    Maybe we should follow Russian example and promote use of smaller engines.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      “Plus, nothing beats driving an open-top Jeep down the beach (except for blasting down a twisty back road on a motorcycle, of course). Sure, gas is kinda pricey, but what the hell, I can afford it”


    • John from Kansas says:

      Did the Boss 429, Trans Am, Norton Command(72). Now it’s a 4 banger Ranger and a Schwinn. Also a 62 Buick skylark convertible (cabrio)in 75.

  16. CZenda says:

    It is a paradox inherent to the USSR that the country able to build the first satellite and send the first man on the orbit was unable to make a widely available, decent car.
    I heard somewhere (unconfirmed, it can be a joke or an urban legend) that “Grapes of wrath” were banned in USSR as it was claimed unacceptable to show the inhabitants of the worker´s paradise a poor American family which owns a car, while Soviet worker walks per pedes apostolorum or rides a bike…

  17. floki says:

    The first car is actually the one used by the head of the party (whoever that was at the time) when doing parades. He was standing and holding onto the handle in the center. I saw that car in the car museum that’s part of the GAZ (?) automobile factory in Nizhny Novgorod. You can see lots of classic russian cars, some military vehicles and also some newer models that look really nice. If you are interested in russian cars it’s well worth a visit.

  18. AdriankK says:

    It’s no secret Russians copied cars from the US. Everyone knows that.

  19. H. Cook says:

    P 12 would make and nice restro-rod

  20. Sofia says:

    What is the red thing on the car in third picture? It looks like a fire extinguisher.

  21. w says:

    Its a coffee flask for night racing

  22. Chris B says:

    The 8th car down looks alot like an AC Bristol/Ace Cobra. I wonder when it was manufactured?

    • blingo says:

      In 1961 as ZiL-112S, subsequently modified to ZiL-112S/65 in 1965.
      Primarily inspired by Ferrari Testa Rossa racers around 1958-1962, if I’m not to far off.

  23. majkul says:

    Correct me if i am wrong but this is not Sovet Russia (1918-1922), but the Soviet Union (1922-1991).

  24. Artem says:

    Article about russian Pobeda military phaeton is published here: http://gaz20.spb.ru/modif_exotic_phaeton.htm

  25. Artem says:

    Article about russian Pobeda military phaeton is published here: http://gaz20.spb.ru/modif_exotic_phaeton.htm

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  27. blingo says:

    Straight-eight is just a more traditional concept, built all over the world in its time. To USSR they came from the US. Today they are rare because of packaging and weight reasons mainly.

  28. blingo says:

    Lots of non-critical and cheap tech were bought by soviets. V8 engines from Studebaker / Packard and from Fiat example. Often complete packages of design and tooling or entire production lines. Where’s the problem?

  29. Dmytry Vladimirovich Kovalyov says:

    Корыта редкостные все эти кабриолеты . . .

  30. Jardel says:

    The third one from the bottom to top is an IMS, a romanian communist car… :)) You russians take what’s not yours even on the internet :))

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  32. Bobby Borden says:

    Hey great post.
    About the Volkswagen Phaeton, did you know it’s nothing more then a reskinned Bentley Continental GT? Sad, but true.
    The VW Phaeton was a absolute fail in my opinion!

    Its In: Volkswagen Phaeton is a failure!

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