26 USSR Again

USSR Again

Posted on May 14, 2008 by

life in Soviet Russia 1

Another set of photos from the Soviet Russia…

life in Soviet Russia 2

life in Soviet Russia 3


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26 Responses to “USSR Again”

  1. Stalin says:

    Dang it, Beria!

  2. AGA says:

    Faschism FTW!

  3. me says:


  4. mac605 says:

    10th photo…

    American Native, under the portait of British Queen, with Union Jack and flag of Soviet Union…

    … Strange.

    Could be Canadian Native… ;)

  5. Justin says:

    Very interesting

  6. muzhik says:

    Peculiar working hours for a cafe: opens at 7, closes at 21:45. Why not make it 22:00, eh? Go figure..

  7. mac605 says:

    Simple – you have to clean up dishes, count money – generally close the day, and then you leave at 22. If youre open to 22, then you leave at 22.15 or later

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Great photos. Thanks for posting.

  9. Alex says:

    I like how some pics from 60s look totally western – people on the boat having party, some people at cafe drinking cocktails. That was sweet Khruschev era…

  10. Zafarad says:

    I love synchronised communist freedom! ! ! ! ! !.so many happy faces are enjoying socialist paradise.where are you my lovely old days ,i wanna back you! ! ! ! ! ! !

  11. Dzhugashviliy says:

    Picture 11 makes me remember the late 60s, when I met my devushka Oksana in Moskva Metro.

    Oh, how I miss my KGB times…

  12. Bad Boy says:

    So that girl was the orginal model for inflatable sex dolls?

  13. John from Kansas says:

    Zsafarad, are Soviet era television programs ever shown on television these days?

    • Zafarad says:

      What?????are you mad guy????even we can’t watch those “popular and anti imperialist” TV programmes when they broadcast in past! ! ! ! ! ! !.but i remember something,the famous U2 shoot down and trial of Gerry powers show so many times i watch now a days.i still love Soviet rocketry and missile advancement over U ASS of A ! ! ! ! ! ! !.still Russia is far ahead than other western counterparts! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • John from Kansas says:

        Don’t worry Zafarad, it’s only a matter of time. Eventualy those golden memories will be re-run. Grainy black and white images of “inauguration ceremony of new type of sewer system, hero of socialist labour who dig coal 20th times higher than average worker,…economic discussions,where communist economists proves the soviet economy was 8th times greater than USA”. By then, they will be right about the Russian economy vs. the U.S.A. When those programs come back, please send me the video links. I will need to see some good news.

  14. Roy says:

    Great! Photos don’t lie! Soviet Union was truly the workers’ paradise and everyone was happy!

  15. b2 says:

    Is that Brezhnev in the boat photo fourth from last?

  16. USA JOE says:

    Everyone always looks so happy in all of the Soviet era Russian photos. Modern photos most everyone just looks depressed and poor.

  17. Zafarad says:

    Thanks for “quick flash back”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !you have killer memory man! ! ! ! ! ! !don`t think,our golden past is not possible to comeback! ! ! ! ! ! nowadays still i enjoy some past “socialist achievements” like development of new kind of “power sharing balance” interchanging of two top government office,president and prime minister ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  18. Sashka says:

    Геноцид! Смерть врагу! Бугага)

  19. Jim says:

    I’m with mac on this one

    “10th photo…

    American Native, under the portait of British Queen, with Union Jack and flag of Soviet Union…

    … Strange.

    Could be Canadian Native…”

  20. siddhartha says:

    i want to so that russia became again USSR.

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