28 An Eagle Monument

An Eagle Monument

Posted on May 13, 2008 by

eagle monument in Russia 1

Another strange monument has appeared in one of the Russian city.

eagle monument in Russia 2

eagle monument in Russia 3

eagle monument in Russia 4

eagle monument in Russia 5

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28 Responses to “An Eagle Monument”

  1. spazo says:


  2. Niels R. says:

    “I’m gonna eat you, little fishie”

  3. mcfist says:

    what’s the name of the city? Orel?

  4. Adan says:

    Main humour is: this is not just “one town”, this is Orel town. Word “orel” (орел) means “eagle”. :-D

  5. The Saint says:

    uhm, first?

  6. blz says:

    That’s cool. World needs more non-stone-non-bronze statues.

  7. Oleg says:

    Seems like sculptor wasn’t really familiar how birds look like. BIRD’S LEGS DON’T GROW FROM THERE!

  8. tv watcher says:

    I knew the Sci-Fi channel was using lots of eastern European actors, equipment, and sets/settings to create their mini-horror shows, but I’ve never before gotten the “inside scoop” on a show before it is on the air. Now I can’t wait to watch the Sci-Fi Channel Original movie “Attack of the Giant Eagles.” I can tell everyone that I saw the giant eagle before it ate the city of Orel (except for the hero and heroine, of course).

  9. spicy_sausage says:

    This is so big and tacky it looks American!

  10. AAAAAAAAAAAA says:

    I find those pictures deeply antisemetic and disturbing.

  11. Louise says:

    What is it covered in? Bear fur? Steel wires?

  12. Laru says:

    Im so sure that is going to be burned someday by group of teen agers. It looks so flammable material.

    Oh well.. Town will have skeleton eagle then. :D

  13. beria says:


  14. M0L0TOV says:

    Doesn’t the bird need a neck?

  15. Zafarad says:

    Another modified version of Antonov 2,plane! ! ! ! ! ! !the low tech stealth plane ! ! ! ! ! !

  16. Pacific NW says:

    Crows are better.

  17. meneame.net says:

    Monumento ruso dedicado al águila (WTF)…

    In Soviet Russia eagle catches you xd…

  18. dana says:

    russian-language internet part also discuss this…hmmm… bird and what it is made of. Question for all times.
    Somebody supposed that it is made of birch twigs.

  19. D says:

    I like it….

    What happened to the capchas, come on, addition? Was there really such a spamming problem to warrant this?

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  21. D.K. says:

    lol, fail at bird physiology! Would have been better to have a monument cast of some sort of metal than this….well…..this….thing.

  22. Evgeny says:

    I`m from this city…
    Realy strange eagle.

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