26 Strange Lada Niva

Strange Lada Niva

Posted on May 12, 2008 by

strange lada 1

This Russian car is strangely textured.

strange lada 2

strange lada 3

strange lada 4

strange lada 5

strange lada 6

strange lada 7

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26 Responses to “Strange Lada Niva”

  1. mike says:


  2. JohnP says:

    It’s just like a giant, mobile Cat-Scratcher

  3. maxD says:

    Must be hard to clean when dirty and wet.

  4. LiraNuna says:

    Hey, it’s cheaper then plastic or metal!

  5. qaw says:

    Make that a bit thicker and it will help if you hit a pedestrian! It doesn’t actually look bad :D Could be an ad for a gold court or something.

  6. KBR says:

    This person had a lot of free time. But the result is good.

  7. yingjai says:

    the quality of the job is pretty good.

  8. O Tabajara says:

    It is really nice!!! But the aerodynamic drag will make it drink MORE gas ;o)

  9. Dungeonbrownies says:

    is is the grinch!

  10. Kesang Tseten says:

    thats a pretty good job. fur cars are normally pretty badly done

  11. Jerome says:

    He could drive anywhere to tee off!

  12. Richard S. says:

    Maybe he can practice some putting on his Niva.

  13. Mr Potato says:

    This is not in Russia, it’s far too clean. There no clean place like this in the country of filth.

  14. Rauss says:

    This is not in Russia, it’s in Montreal Canada near the Ubisoft building on St-Laurent Street corner Fairmount.

    There is another one near with painted Ukrainian Police Logos.

  15. CanadaRuss says:

    Rapid Dust Collector, must be cool driving behind it during a rain storm

  16. MJO says:

    I’ve never seen an “upholstered car” before. The owner gets points for originality! I guess he calls Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner when it gets dirty…

  17. aca says:

    maybe the seats are made of medal then

  18. roar says:

    No it’s not russia the picture come from montreal canada. It was taken on St-Laurence street.

  19. Julien says:

    roar is right. this is on st-laurent street corner Fairmount Street. It must be at least 2 years old because in the background you see the dessert restaurant Kilo and it changed its name about 2 years ago…

    • julien says:

      Man we’re 3 saying the last 2 pictures are taken at the corner of St-Laurent and Fairmount in montreal!

      The shop at the corner is a well known nature store in Montreal


      compare the signs in the windows!

      sure the first picture is another NIVA but the others are from North America…no Corsica in Europe

      PS: and Montreal is in North America…

      one of the few place where cars have no front plate.

  20. Wasya says:

    There was a fairy story from FIDO about programmer named Winnie Pooh. He had a Mersedes covered with plush outside.
    The author of this photoshop work remember this story from early 90’s, too :-)

  21. Bawjaws says:

    A car with eyebrows!?!? WANT.

  22. Dude says:

    The 2nd picture is in Montreal as well. It is at Laurier street @ Casgrain. I see this Niva all the time on the Plateau area.


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