People go fishing right on the roads of Russia 1

24 The Road Fishing

The Road Fishing

These days the road fishing is popular in some parts of Russia. Why go fishing
somewhere deep in the forest if you can do it right on the highway?
moscow blast 1

59 Moscow Blast

Moscow Blast

Two days ago there was a blast in Moscow in a multi-stored
residential building. A few apartments were completely destroyed.
Moscow River 1

55 The Yauza River

The Yauza River

People of Moscow, Russia are fond of their small rivers in the city downtown, like this one, the Yauza river. Also it has been said that 90% of Russian money are in Moscow and 90% of
that 90% is in Moscow downtown, and people who manage 90% of Russian money I bet love oil most of all, so they decided to decorate their river with their adorable stuff?
Lenin monument rusted  1

33 See-Through Lenin

See-Through Lenin

If yesterday there was a swimming Lenin, today we have a transparent Lenin. You can literary
see through his body. How is this possible? See inside of the post for more details:
Russian abandoned library 1

67 An Abandoned Library

An Abandoned Library

Years before, during the Soviet Rule, books were considered to be the greatest treasure. Children in schools were
taught to treat the books with care and love. It seems now this doesn't work. At least at some libraries.
Moscow luxury cabs 1

53 Luxury Cabs of Moscow

Luxury Cabs of Moscow

In Moscow they have new trend now. They prefer luxury taxi cabs. Average $200,000
(as priced in Russia) Porsche Cayennes and Brabuses work as taxis now.
Russian army has dark skinned people 1

87 The Black Russian Army

The Black Russian Army

Russian army becomes more and more African these
days... Nobody could even imagine this 20 years ago.
Lenin monument swims away 1

39 Lenin Swims Away

Lenin Swims Away

When the old Lenin becomes
unwanted he just swims away...
Private photos of Russian soldier from World War 2 1

58 WW2 Memories

WW2 Memories

These are again photos from the private archive. Now they show the World War 2 as was seen from a simple Russian soldier
perspective. This soldier later has become a very famous Russian and played in more than sixty Russian movies.
Russian modern art 1

20 Modern Russian Paintings

Modern Russian Paintings

Some modern Russian artists
see Russia this way.

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