Apocalypse in Russia 1

35 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

This guys tried to visualize how could Russian
cities look like if the end of the times is today.
29 Viacheslav Datsik: The Boxer

Viacheslav Datsik: The Boxer

And now to the sports news. Russian boxer Viacheslav Datsik says: ""I want to fight
and die on the ring!". You can see one of his fights in the video below:
Church in Armenia 1

41 The Holy Lance Church

The Holy Lance Church

These are photos from the church in Armenia, ex part of Soviet Union, now a separate country. They have those unique churches that were caved in the mountain with the part of the original solid rock as the pillars and walls. These churches are more than 1500 years old and according
to the history of this particular church the "Holy Lance" or "Spear of Christ", the lance that pierced Jesus while he was on the cross to stop his sufferings was stored during 500 years in this place. The name of place is still "The Church of the Holy Lance".
42 The Parachute Jumping

The Parachute Jumping

And now the parachute
jumping, Russian style...
31 The Russian Horror Movie

The Russian Horror Movie

It's for the first time I've met a Russian horror movie. It tells us how the
Big Radioactively Mutated (sounds familiar) Turtle attacks Russian army.
cell phone and magnifier glass 1

15 The Magnifier Glass Phone

The Magnifier Glass Phone

Before, the magnifier glass and cellphone was just a cool graphical designer trick to focus your attention on some part of the phone. But it all can come to reality in some ways
designers didn't expect at all. This woman in Moscow subway uses a real magnifier glass and a real phone not for any effect but just because its handy for her to do so.
Baksan Neutrino Lab and Telescope 1

67 The Neutrino Lab

The Neutrino Lab

Deep inside this mound there is an ex-to-be-very-secret Russian neutrino lab. It belongs to the Russian Nuclear Research Center and was build to explore the neutrino particle properties. It is a multi stored underground lab which is on 1000 ft (330 meters) deep mark inside this hill. It is also 11,000 ft (3600 meters) long and contains hundreds of rooms with the equipment, mainly the neutrino detection radars. This
radars are big metal tanks filled with white-spirit that has a light emission detectors and multipliers. They register neutrino mini-blasts in this white spirit environment and sent the real time reports to the main computer you would see its terminal below. These tanks with radars occupy many many rooms on different floors so that none of the neutrino folk could pass unnoticed here.
pc works on fuel 1

15 The Petrol PC

The Petrol PC

In some places they have special PCs working on fuel and can be connected directly to the car's gas tank. It analyzes
the state of the fuel and diagnoses the overall condition of the car, while consuming some gas fluid.
10 The Parking Lot Wind

The Parking Lot Wind

This parking in Moscow now knows
what does "strong wind" means.
Limousine from Ukraine 1

66 A Limo from Ukraine

A Limo from Ukraine

Some small countries, ex-parts of the Soviet Union always try to express their independence from Russia and often from the rest of the world
too. Now Ukrainian car industry presents a limo that should counterfeit all those Maybachs we discussed some articles ago.

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