white bear in Russian zoo  1

24 Polar Bear Teaches Fishing

Polar Bear Teaches Fishing

This polar bear in the zoo of St. Petersburg,
Russia teaches its cubs some fishing.
Sochi, Russia 1

104 The Unknown Russia: The Russian South

The Unknown Russia: The Russian South

All people know Russia is a Northern country with snow, frost, cold winter. All keep in mind pictures of taiga, Siberia, polar bears and vodka. Well, it's all true, we all know now that 65% of Russia is covered with permafrost, but there is one fact than less people know. Russia has a territory that is
located more to South than Milano, Nice, Monte Carlo and other places of European South. And this territory occupies more square than France or Germany. Meet Sochi, the Winter Olympics 2014 host. This Russia doesn't look like Russia at all, maybe the next place for your vacation?
Old Russian Luxury Houses 1

29 Old Russian Luxury Houses

Old Russian Luxury Houses

If nowadays rich Russians prefer red-brick houses of strange design, many years ago some other fashion was ruling the minds of Russian high society. It was a unique to Russia style of building large
wooden houses of genuine Russian design. They had an ability to build houses from stone, like in Europe, but preferred wood on purpose, they liked wood, the feeling of the wooden house.
Russian permafrost museum  1

24 The Permafrost Museum

The Permafrost Museum

More than 65% of the territory of Russia is covered with a permanent ice - the
permafrost. And they have the museum devoted to the permafrost in one of such regions.
aerial view of St. Petersburg 1

90 St. Petersburg from a Helicopter

St. Petersburg from a Helicopter

Those are the aerial views of what some say to be the most
architecturally brilliant city of Russia, the ex-capital, St.
Aurora borealis in Russia 1
32 Aurora Borealis in Murmansk

Aurora Borealis in Murmansk

  Aurora borealis in
Murmansk region.
Russian ship models 1

36 Soviet Air Carriers Models

Soviet Air Carriers Models

All those Soviet Navy ships were never built. Soviet Union had great plans on getting them in action but it
never happened because of its collapse. Now we can see only the models in the official Navy Museum.
Mobile Russian sauna.  1

49 The Sauna Truck

The Sauna Truck

Many Russians like sauna or "banya" as it's being called in Russia. They don't imagine their next weekend without a visit to such a place together with their friends. This big demand in Russia for saunas has gave a birth for such a strange device as "The Mobile Sauna". A four wheel drive truck is a sauna
equipped now. It can take you deep inside the Russian woods and you would have your sauna there. Sauna lovers say that there is nothing in the world like jumping right from the hot sauna into the cool waters of a forest lake in some place hundred miles away from civilization...
road police stuck in traffic jam in Russia 1

16 And Justice for All

And Justice for All

Traffic jams are not rare in big Russian cities. But road police or just police cars standing in traffic jams are rare. They prefer not to wait but use roadsides, pedestrians walkways or even the opposing lanes so that to bypass
those jams, why wait if nobody penalizes them? But this time it went wrong, using the sideway had its own surprise and they got stuck for much longer time that could wait standing in the jam, like others.
wasps on the balcony 1

19 Wasps on the Balcony

Wasps on the Balcony

When those guys started the renovation on their balcony they found the whole
wasps nest. It happened in one small cities near Altai region in Russia.

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