Russian aviation museum in Kiev 1
21 Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

  These are Russian aircrafts in the
Ukrainian museum, in Kiev city.
11 Mr Chairman Shoots the Hens

Mr Chairman Shoots the Hens

What can you say about this man? First of all he is a vice chairman of the Russian parliament "The Duma", he is the leader of some Russian political party and was a candidate at Russian presidential elections for many times. He is probably the most famous Russian 2nd row politic and is well known by foreigners too. We had a lot of him here at
English Russia too. This time he goes on a public train with his rifle. He first spots some crows and decided to shot some of them down, during the "hunt" he got excited so much that starts shooting to the hens of locals living nearby the railroad. People say this record was leaked from his private video archive.
rls duga near Chernobyl 1

69 “Duga”, the Steel Giant Near Chernobyl

“Duga”, the Steel Giant Near Chernobyl

When someone goes to Chernobyl he often misses one thing that could be of big interest and is located just a few miles away from the exploded nuclear power plant. This one is one of
the three alike built by Russian army in Russia during the iron curtain times. It was used for some of their military purposes but as you can see is abandoned now.
16 A Possessed Soldier

A Possessed Soldier

What's wrong with him? Is he
possessed or something?
Moscow city, Russia, small copy 1

26 The Mini Moscow

The Mini Moscow

Some days ago we had the St. Petersburg city shots made from a helicopter. Today something similar. Moscow city from above, but its not real Moscow, but it's copy, that is being stored in the Moscow
city town-hall. By the way, there was once ago a copy of Moscow city downtown featured on English Russia. It was more pleasantly crafted and even had illumination. You can see it here.
soap in the river near St. Petersburg, Russia 1

14 Soapy River

Soapy River

Probably many of you have seen the recent commercial stunt SONY corporation used in California using lot of soapy bubbles on the streets of the city. Well, this small Russian river near St. Petersburg got its own version of soapy mania.
No ads were involved and the reasons for many miles of foam coming to the nearest villages stays unclear. On the last photo you see Russian emergency service trying to fight the foam invasion in Leningrad Oblast.
Seals clubbed in Russia 1

49 Kill the Seal

Kill the Seal

There are a lot of things that come under the tag "only in Russia", and we try to cover each one. It's a big pity but this thing happens only in Russia too. These photos come from the the well-known white-coated seal farms. If you are not aware about such a way of Russian farming I will explain a little. In Russia there are farms where white-coated seals are breed. They are being valued much for their fur, it's something like a rolls-royce in the world of furs, the top fur on the market. It gives warmth, it's soft like a silk and looks terrific at least this is what the consumers say. What does differ this fur from other furs, is the extreme cruelty in its production. The seals are being clubbed to death at the age of one month. And that's the only way to do it, according to the fur industry strict standards. The
fur-coat makers say holes from bullets spoil the virgin white skins of those 1-month old small seals so they demand them only to be smashed with a good old club. So here are some photos from one of such farms, or it could be better to say concentration camps. No violence on the photos in order to save your nerves. This particular farm is in Arkhangelsk Oblast, North-West Russia. The seals are being transported in cages to the farm, there they grow up to one month age and then are hit to death with clubs. The average salary of people who execute is around $150/month, and that's a lot of money for them, so we can't blame them, they have families etc. The final fur-coat made of the one-month-old white-fur seal is around $7,000 for the small size
iCondom virus ad campaign in Russia 1

17 iCondom


During all the April Russian geeks were waiting for the iPhone from Apple to be released in Russia. There were plenty of the signs: big billboards across the Moscow city made in Apple-style with the word "iSoon" in Russian and the date of April, 22st, 2008, webdomain with the same ad and many more "good signs" for those
who wanted the localized iPhone. All the geek communities had a major buzz on this topic too. But when the day X had come, it came out that they were all fooled. It turned to be a virus ad campaign by... Contex, the worldwide condom producer. They decided to advertise in this way their new condoms...
19 Tank Road Assistance

Tank Road Assistance

Tank is very handy in Russia. It
can always help on the road.
transportation in Moscow, Russia 1

21 Why Care?

Why Care?

This guy on a truck was spotted in the downtown of Moscow city, Russia. He didn't understand why should he care about the security of other road traffic participants carrying the trash car hulls in such a way. As you can
see they were just lying on each other without any security ropes or belts and the top one was already sliding to the right side waiting for some good Moscow cab passing beneath to make some pizza.

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