13 Russian Photoshop Masters

Russian Photoshop Masters

Posted on April 30, 2008 by

Russian ad, photoshopped 1

It has been a while since we published works of Russian Photoshop Masters. Today we compensate this and have two posts of two ads photoshopped by Russian bloggers.
Meet part 1, it was originally a BIC ad.

Russian ad, photoshopped 3

Russian ad, photoshopped 4


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13 Responses to “Russian Photoshop Masters”

  1. Rockwolf says:

    First – and first to call “Not a photoshop”.


  2. srsly says:

    I bet Estonians could do better!

  3. srsly says:

    I bet Estonians could do better than this

  4. maxD says:


  5. let.it.be says:

    Gay photoshop work, but the ACE and Sony PSP adverts are quite nice. ;D

  6. Jovan says:

    Admins — suck!

  7. pinkky says:

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