26 Alcohol and LSD: Russian Photoshop Madness

Alcohol and LSD: Russian Photoshop Madness

Posted on April 30, 2008 by

Russian photoshop works 1

And the second part of today Russian Photoshop Posts.
See the first part here.

Russian photoshop works 2

Russian photoshop works 3

Russian photoshop works 4

Russian photoshop works 5

Russian photoshop works 6

Russian photoshop works 7

Russian photoshop works 8

Russian photoshop works 9

Russian photoshop works 10


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26 Responses to “Alcohol and LSD: Russian Photoshop Madness”

  1. adios says:


  2. The Saint says:


  3. sliders_alpha says:

    in soviet russia tree pee on you

  4. Estonian says:

    Reference to Eestonia is great. I didn’t know that russians know about our webcam in forest…

  5. Estonian says:

    Reference to Estonia is great.
    Even russians have heard of our webcams in the forest:)

    • Rodriguez says:

      Believe me honey, here is different meaning! Not webcam in forest! HAHAHAHAHA!

      P.s. “Even Russians” Hahahahaha!
      Анекдот в тему:
      “В небе над эстонией уже пятые сутки терпит крушение самолёт”

  6. dr. no says:

    I want all of these in t-shirt form now.

  7. Yalopnikvodka says:

    I don`t get the Repka, Australia and Estonia one.

  8. muzhik says:

    Quite entertaining!

  9. Knee Grow says:

    I am 12 or 13THm yeah bithces

  10. Knee Grow says:

    I like sex! SEX SEX SEX

  11. Pacific NW says:

    LSD is #1, RIP Albert Hoffman.
    January 11, 1906 – April 29, 2008

  12. n says:

    LOL @ Sparta & Soviet Russia :D

  13. distort says:


  14. doux says:

    With Topol-M you mean our (Czech) Prime minister (Topolanek)? and Radar in Czech and Antirocetary base in Poland? Is it?

  15. Conna says:

    I don’t get Karjala, is that a gas mask? Why is the tree small?

  16. Ilya says:

    With Topol-M they mean russian intercontinental ballistic missile. you may find more info in wikipedia. And Karjala is a finnish variant of Russian Karelia republic, where there is severe climate and the trees are very small. that’s not a gas mask, that is a coat with a hood

  17. dmi3 says:

    that was a good post i really liked it

  18. Evilbelgian says:

    Have seen this before but it always brings a smile to my face :)

  19. Izaak says:

    Wow this is pretty cool, haha!

  20. Josh says:

    wtf did I just look at

  21. Tim Howard says:

    WOW. Just WOW. Friggin amazing job man!

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