26 The Mini Moscow

The Mini Moscow

Posted on April 22, 2008 by

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 1

Some days ago we had the St. Petersburg city shots made from a helicopter.
Today something similar. Moscow city from above, but its not real Moscow, but it’s copy, that is being stored in the Moscow city town-hall.
By the way, there was once ago a copy of Moscow city downtown featured on English Russia. It was more pleasantly crafted and even had illumination. You can see it here.

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 2

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 3

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 4

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 5

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 6

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 7

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 8

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 9

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 10

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 11

Moscow city, Russia, small copy 12


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26 Responses to “The Mini Moscow”

  1. Indy says:

    It’s interesting to see that the new luxury complex replacing Rossiya Hotel is already present, and that St Basil is missing. Maybe they already plan to destroy it to replace it with something more… luxury :D
    By the way, first ;)

    • Miss India says:

      Keep building luxury buildings so rich foreigners can stay in peace and style away from the poor russian peasants. :D

      • Russophile says:

        Miss India has not been keeping up with Russia for the last ten years. New Lux apartments are not for foreigners. These days that the expats are the poor ones in Moscow – especially those whose salaries are denominated in dollars.

      • Charloteer says:

        Miss India is probably an ABCD – American Born confused Desi; Desi means Indian.

        Even Indian born Indians despise ABCDs, because, most people born in USA, irrespective of their nationality, tend to be ignorant and arrogant! She is suffering from identity crisis and is brainwashed with western propaganda that people in Russia are begging on the streets.

        True, many people in Russia are homeless and poor, but, there are many more in India who are homeless and poor.

  2. Mr Potato says:

    They forgot the dirt.

  3. AndersonBMX says:

    much more than patience…

  4. Caete says:

    needs moar Godzilla

  5. a a says:

    Ostozhenka area needs to be updated. All the small historic buildings have been wiped out in the past few years to put up tasteless apartment blocks for the nouveaux rich

  6. James says:

    No matter what Moscow does, it’ll still be less than Peter.

  7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Nice in a very organized Russian way, without the poetic design of Tehran.

  8. VoDkA says:

    Almost very acurate. A real moscow would be made out of ice.

  9. ReAlly says:

    12th Photo – 3 building’s am Suk’harevka midlle of the Road

  10. GG says:

    Pictures/screenshots taken from Google Maps? ;) (then photoshopped)

  11. Raskolnikov, S.P says:

    Moscow is for dogs!

    Long live Petersburg

  12. Babushka says:

    I must congratulat the chef! All those 1,000 of cakes to make buildings must be very hard work!!!

    May public people eat these cakes? That city is makes me hungery.

  13. greg says:

    Simply amazing! I think someone worked very hard to make such a nice model.

  14. someone says:

    This is great I want something like this.

  15. Free Quiz says:

    Victor is very talented, comparible to Charles Evans, they share similar styles. I have never seen this work but I must admit, it is some of his best!

  16. Silvère Milion says:

    Salutations chers amis russes,

    Je suis totalement séduit par ce site extraordinaire sur lequel je viens de passer près de 6 heures. Vos photos sont tellement dépaysantes, et il y en a pour tous les goûts…
    Dommage cependant qu’il manque de clarté. Mais ce n’est pas très grave, l’important étant qu’il existe.
    Merci mille fois !
    Vive la France, vive la Russie !
    Un Français ami de la Russie

    Priviet Russian friends,

    I am totally in love with this extraordinary website on which I’ve just spent close to 6 hours. Your pictures are so astonishing and exotic (by exotic I mean it’s so different from my everyday scenery !!), and there are for all tastes and all subjects…
    It’s too bad though that it’s a labyrinth and not very clear… But it doesn’t matter, the most important is that it exists !
    Thank you a lot, whoever created it !
    Da ztrastvouïet Frantsia, da ztrastvouïet Rossia,
    A French friend of Russia

  17. Mario says:

    Man this is amaizing. Long live Moscow

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