16 A Possessed Soldier

A Possessed Soldier

Posted on April 22, 2008 by

What’s wrong with him? Is he possessed or something?

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16 Responses to “A Possessed Soldier”

  1. davolets says:

    some much?

  2. keroro says:

    ololo, at bash.org!

  3. JohnP says:

    Probably drunk

  4. qaw says:

    In russia compressed air amuses you.

  5. Alex says:

    Well I’ll be watching for that guy in the upcoming military parade, I bet he’s the main attraction–

  6. Russian Military News Magazine says:

    He is responding to our question: “Do you believe the Russian government will reform the Russian military?”

  7. Marshall Banana says:

    barneys burp ;)

  8. Bruce Willis says:

    what on earth is going on??

  9. Tom from St. Louis Missouri says:

    what does MHC stand for?

  10. Louise says:

    Drunk. bored. He also has friends with video cameras that are drunk and bored. They didn’t show the part at the end where he gets queasy and suddenly spits up all over himself.

  11. Alex says:

    Ukranian photoshop

  12. tje says:

    Trachiotomy + Compressed air ftw! That’s kinda funny though.

  13. g3shooter says:

    Alcohol, it’s hella fun! :D

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