19 Tank Road Assistance

Tank Road Assistance

Posted on April 21, 2008 by

Tank is very handy in Russia. It can always help on the road.

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19 Responses to “Tank Road Assistance”

  1. add says:

    i see the assistance but where’s the road?

  2. Bubbles says:

    Does everyone own a tank in Russia?

  3. Oliver Lardy says:

    Of course there’s a tank or two in each village :D

  4. qaw says:

    In russia the tank owns you!

  5. AndersonBMX says:

    hey, i bet these villagers do these huge holes by they own hands, and charge for the little assistance…

    here in Brazil some hook-truck owners spill oil in the lane and put a ad with their phone next the spot…

  6. Henry W says:

    How sweet that tiny beautiful tank! I love it!

  7. torpedo vegas says:

    looks a lot like a t-40 amphibious tank to me.
    could be wrong.

  8. sbergus says:

    this works until you come across a tank operator who has drunk too much vodka.

  9. pumaelbusta says:

    really looks like t-40.


    “The T-40 was widely photographed at the time of Operation Barbarossa and also during the defence of Moscow. The type was very rarely seen after the end of 1941. Some T-40 remained in service as late 1946 in school units.”

  10. Russian Military News Magazine says:

    It all started many years ago, with a few bottles of vodka and a few girls who missed their husbands who had already died at the front.

    During the Great Patriotic War the crew of this tank was welcomed to the village so warmly that they decided to stay, and stay, and stay, until they married local girls and had children. Their spirit lives on through their descendants, who maintain and operate the tank, as seen in the video.

  11. munky says:

    More like a T60 light tank.

    Tank nerds of the world unite..!

  12. bb says:

    That was strangely compelling.

  13. Louise says:

    Looks like Mudville. Are there people raised there who love it dearly, the land of their forefathers? Or is everyone young person in a hurry to move out to where the land is solid and clothes stay clean?

    What is there to do there, besides haul things through mud and drink?

  14. rural says:

    At least the writers would find story inspiration and new writing material. ;)

    The local entrepreneurs could market it as “shock therapy for writer’s block.”

  15. C**BA says:

    I Russian also am proud of it.
    i’m drunk now.
    may be i have a bad english but i’m absolutely sure that russia is a great empire)))))
    in your blog i’ve seen a lot of lie but many moments are true =)

    By the way, have you ever seen this video? if you speek russian you MUST translate this and present here))))

    also It is very interesting to me, who r you?)))
    I”ll be glad if you will write on mine e-mail =-)

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