24 Polar Bear Teaches Fishing

Polar Bear Teaches Fishing

Posted on April 21, 2008 by

white bear in Russian zoo  1

This polar bear in the zoo of St. Petersburg, Russia teaches its cubs some fishing.

white bear in Russian zoo  2

white bear in Russian zoo  3

white bear in Russian zoo  4

white bear in Russian zoo  5

white bear in Russian zoo  6

white bear in Russian zoo  7

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24 Responses to “Polar Bear Teaches Fishing”

  1. Boris Abramov says:

    So cute :)

  2. siberia rox says:

    yaeh 1st :P

  3. Sarah 3000 says:

    Those bears are murders. They kill fishes.

  4. cykalox says:


  5. Norwegian =) says:

    You just have to love expression on the fish in picture nr 6.

  6. blablabla says:

    nice pics

  7. dazza says:

    they should change their name from Polar Bears to Urban Bears…or Killer Bears…maybe Killa Bears…like Killa Dolphins or Killer Whales…which are really dolphins…

  8. Texas1 says:

    Why do we have to look at Russians dressed in fur coats eating fish, fergossake ? That’s not news.

  9. Pingvinenok says:

    ohh…sooo cute)) but actually they look rather dirty))) but it doesn’t matter, cause they’re sooo cute)))))

  10. Holly says:

    Move over, Knut! <3

  11. cutelilsmile says:

    Oh my. That fish doesn’t look too happy.

  12. anonym says:

    “You just have to love expression on the fish in picture nr 6.”
    lol :D

  13. brbrbr says:

    bored fish on pic 6 – happy to prevent global warming. even at cost of own life.

  14. Isobel Shaw says:

    Fishing is a nice sport and it is a good past time too. I enjoy fishing specially during weekends.”*`

  15. Alice Kelly says:

    fishing is an enjoyable hobby and a great past time.::;

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  17. Ashely Boots says:

    Fishing is actually our fave hobby,its possible lots of of spots for you to find a few bass in this excellent place additionally consider using this sort of method, folks I know in this vicinity haven’t talked about this particular issue therefore im in search of a way to capture alot more. The species of fish in all these estuaries and rivers all over here apparently hit even a clean fishing hook at times nonetheless its definitely not the actual fish i am attempting to catch. Many thanks for the information and are going to be eager for the following page…

  18. Now this is a gnarly matter to deal with,could this unique possibly were useful down the road Most probably this will become a lesson been taught. Practically never would have it occurred with such amazing coverage of a wide range of the effects,the actual fishing may improve but it is certainly not about one person mainly because our mother earth is at full command.

  19. Drip Tray : says:

    when i was young, my dad would always take me to a fishing trip and i always love it,*’

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