29 Old Russian Luxury Houses

Old Russian Luxury Houses

Posted on April 20, 2008 by

Old Russian Luxury Houses 1

If nowadays rich Russians prefer red-brick houses of strange design, many years ago some other fashion was ruling the minds of Russian high society. It was a unique to Russia style of building large wooden houses of genuine Russian design. They had an ability to build houses from stone, like in Europe, but preferred wood on purpose, they liked wood, the feeling of the wooden house.

Old Russian Luxury Houses 2

Old Russian Luxury Houses 3

Old Russian Luxury Houses 4

Old Russian Luxury Houses 5

Old Russian Luxury Houses 6

Old Russian Luxury Houses 7

Old Russian Luxury Houses 8

Old Russian Luxury Houses 9

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29 responses to “Old Russian Luxury Houses”

  1. castle says:

    yea, theres nothing quite like large hard wood.

    • DungeonB says:

      haha, sharp.

      but seriously, sad to think that great families of minorr nobles living in these when those peasants were still in their log huts and village hovels…

  2. AndersonBMX says:


    is there some real pics of one these?
    scenario for terror movies

  3. adios says:

    this houses of old russians
    with horse-600 and telega-land cruiser

  4. Atru says:

    very old style.
    before Russian Empire.
    Seems like in 1000-1500 years after Christ

    • actually you are wrong, they had houses like this 100 years ago before the ww1 & ww2. im sure lots of them still remain but not in the larger cities. there were hundred of rich merchants (kuptsi), dukes (knyazi) and others who built houses like this all over russia.

      what would be kewl if one of the new russians (noviy russkiy)to build a brick house and cover the outside with wood to make it look like these old houses 😉

      they got the money, whats extra limon (million) to them? they got plenty of kapusta (cabbage) 😉

    • spicy_sausage says:


    • Hram1 says:

      It is ancient Slavic style. Like the log church of Kizhi

  5. GrizzlyBear says:

    The point is not that they liked the feeling of the wooden house, but that wooden house is much easier to keep warm in winter. Most of Russian houses before the revolution were wooden for that purpose.

  6. Louise says:

    Any photos of these houses that are still extant?

  7. Asinus says:

    I suspect that these pictures are drawings of virtual palaces in old russian style. BTW when I studied in Moscow (end of 1960’s), there was a nice (not so nice, as these) large wooden house at the Old Arbat. Is it still there?

  8. Muzhik says:

    easier for the peasants to burn

  9. Tim says:

    These remind me of scandinavian Stave churches.

  10. jdbiker says:

    Looks like something Harry Potter would live in !!!!!

  11. Dan says:

    Man, looks like they loved their stairs, and making people walk up them.

  12. saba says:

    it’s nice & so tanks

  13. jason says:

    WOW! I also appreciate the qualities of wood… The warmth, the texture, it is a beautiful medium of expression. Thank you for posting these photos.

  14. Semaj says:

    It is a beautiful style of building, similar to Victorian but with curves and different detailing. Truly unique.

  15. cigarettes says:

    OMG this is a part of great Russians culture.

  16. katya says:

    I was dreaming of living in a castle, but now I want to live in a wooden castle. they are so amazing.

  17. Cookiiez says:

    lol its awsuuummmmm… hahaha

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  19. Coat Rack says:

    are those depictions of actual houses are they just sketches the artist made up?

  20. Hot Tub says:

    very interesting sketches thank you for posting

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