15 The Petrol PC

The Petrol PC

Posted on April 11, 2008 by

pc works on fuel 1

In some places they have special PCs working on fuel and can be connected directly to the car’s gas tank. It analyzes the state of the fuel and diagnoses the overall condition of the car, while consuming some gas fluid.

pc works on fuel 2

pc works on fuel 3

pc works on fuel 4

pc works on fuel 5

pc works on fuel 6

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15 Responses to “The Petrol PC”

  1. Premier Pavel says:

    In the civilized world we call this On Board Diagnostics II. Also we don’t have watered down gasoline.

  2. Premier Pavel says:

    In the civilized world we call this On Board Diagnostics II. Also our gasoline is not watered down.

  3. M0L0TOV says:

    This looks more like a modified pc case without the pc innards. There is no indication of a motherboard or anything. The only thing that remains is the powersupply. To me it looks like a fuel pump of sorts or maybe a poor mans nitrous oxide tank.

  4. Dragunov says:

    I like that red battery jumper clamp right next to the tank… Probably for a little extra “jump” in the morning!

  5. DungeonB says:

    honestly, it looks alot like a pump built into a spare/junked pc case

  6. Ivan Mikahilov says:

    That’s a pipeline / injector cleaning pump mounted with all its filters and cans in a single case with handle and wheels. So it become convenient for outdoor use (but one can not use it in a room anymore, due to safety regulations).

  7. AMG says:


  8. MAK says:

    You can’t analyz anything in that scrapy PC

  9. LOL says:

    Will it be able to run counter strike?

  10. stevewy says:

    Intel Core 2 Extreme inside! LOL!!

  11. jmndos says:

    Yeah, I dont think thats a PC…i think its just a analyzer to check if the gasoline has water in it..aka…being watered down…

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