24 The Road Fishing

The Road Fishing

Posted on April 8, 2008 by

People go fishing right on the roads of Russia 1

These days the road fishing is popular in some parts of Russia. Why go fishing somewhere deep in the forest if you can do it right on the highway?

People go fishing right on the roads of Russia 2

And even road patrol can’t disturb you from catching some fish – they can’t simply get to your boat.

People go fishing right on the roads of Russia 3

And sometime ago a similar trend was in Russia – the street surfing.

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24 Responses to “The Road Fishing”

  1. Adan says:

    Dude, that was no normal fishing – that was political action against bad roads.

    Ask somebody to translate text under photos.

    You can ask me.

  2. The Saint says:


  3. Steam McQueen says:

    Once I thought about going fishing but then realized… I can buy fish.

  4. Vlado says:

    haha I never fish on highway!!

  5. Nadiush says:

    New car-wash design ? Outdoor ?

  6. Venlinen says:

    Hei kaikille!!!
    Road on this fotos is not a highway. It’s district road.
    District roads in Russia have additional chanels for ship traffic. During in the high-water season water overflows these chanels what you can see on this fotos

  7. Drzhava73 says:

    Hmm…I’ll have the lead trout, with cadmium sauce please!

  8. Jewish Prostitute says:

    Drivers do not seem to be afraid of driving under water. And our Rabby told us that all the goyim (Russians count) are animals hence those Russians may also have gills to breath under water.

  9. Bass master says:

    What does this fisherman use for bait?

  10. Mr Potato says:

    What happens if the lorry drives over the fish?

  11. Vlado says:

    haha I like your style we should be a friend!!

  12. Miss India says:

    Thats where they catch all those russian Caviar.

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