55 The Yauza River

The Yauza River

Posted on April 4, 2008 by

Moscow River 1

People of Moscow, Russia are fond of their small rivers in the city downtown, like this one, the Yauza river. Also it has been said that 90% of Russian money are in Moscow and 90% of that 90% is in Moscow downtown, and people who manage 90% of Russian money I bet love oil most of all, so they decided to decorate their river with their adorable stuff?

Moscow River 2

Moscow River 3

Moscow River 4

Moscow River 5

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55 Responses to “The Yauza River”

  1. gdfghhfg says:


    • Sarah 3000 says:

      The river is not polluted!

      It is always like this in spring, because the snow is melting and takes ground with it in the river.

      So that is normal situation.

  2. Konstantin says:

    Wow, thats nasty looking.

  3. lenin says:

    lov 2 swim here
    1,2 biachez

  4. Rodriguez says:

    YaKuza river :| ГГГ

  5. The Saint says:


  6. fromukraienewithlove says:

    Don’t know situation in India, I’ve read about your holy river where you bath in and people get killed. But we have brains and understand that its not wise to swim in that river. And we bath in refrshed water. About drinking its not wise to drink the water out of the crane, instead we buy gallons of water to cook and drink.

    In Ukraine we have the best refreshment systems of the world and about the most polutted water of the world.

    • Pete says:

      um…. WHAT?!?!

    • Boris Abramov says:

      fromukrainewithlove, I honestly don’t think that “Miss India” is in fact from India. It looks more like talking beaver letting all that racist/nationalist hate out of his system. Poor guy… :( Nevermind, all that Estonian Neo-nazi anger must be let out ones in a while. I dread to think what would happen if he kept it all in.

      • fromukrainewithlove says:

        probably you’re right, I think he or she is so embaressed of his/her own country that he/she uses India instead. Thinking people can’t say nothing bad about Inda.

        well, WE CAN!! welcome to englishrussia where we will come up with something bad to say about everything..

      • marvin says:

        My darling Borja,

        I dread to think what would happen to you if you kept all your anger for Estonia to yourself and within your clotted brain… Can you? I doubt it.

        By the way, why were you forced to leave Estonia? Couldn’t find anybody as bitter as you to conspire with, or were you just unable to stand men and women taller than you are, beautiful and handsome (unlike you), and, more importantly, with straight noses?

        • GrizzlyBear says:

          This smells like racism, d00d. I used to find your comments funny, but they are getting less and less inventive.

          • borriskavamichnitsky says:

            are there kike hating jews in russia
            you guys should open up some concentration camps like the germans used to have

          • marvin says:

            Dear Grizzlybear,
            You’re right, it does – purposefully. As purposefully, in fact, as Borja’s racist comments about Estonia. You know, it’s a funny thing that there are those who can get away with as much slander and lies as they choose (e.g. Boris about Estonia), and there are those who boil over for a moment, write something, and righto! get promptly accused of racism. Dear friend, I am sorry to have offended you, I did not mean to irritate you. But you should know that Estonia is no more racist than America or France or Burundi. Actually, Estonia is much less racist since the country’s racial composition is remarkably homogeneous which, in turn, has not spawned racism per se. Russia, my adorable Russia, is thousands of times more racist. Surely you have have read or heard something about, for example, blacks being killed in Moscow, haven’t you?

        • Justin says:

          How nice. Estonia showing her true colors.

      • Justin says:

        So the estonian nazi statue was never erected with full governmental support and the SS processions never took place in Latvia?

        Knowing the amounts of innocent jewish women and children killed by the people that you are now glorifying, if I were jewish, not only would I be taking it very seriously, but I would be absolutely furious. What is currently happening in baltic states is not only disgraceful, but is in fact very dangerous indeed. Not to mention discrimination of minorities any human rights violations that bias media tends to ignore.

  7. John from Kansas says:

    Unheard of in the west? You must be kidding.

    • John from Kansas says:

      …then George Bush gutted all Federal agencies and staffed them with his corporate cronies. No matter how you slice that, Federal oversight has been eviscerated. Now back to pollution as a corporate “right”, Airline safety standards deliberately not enforced, the banking system on the verge of collapse etc, etc. By “cleaned up”, you must mean that the Cuyahoga doesn’t catch fire anymore. But the river is still polluted as are the Great Lakes.
      As for your link, it’s a classic of right wing smear journalism. An anonymously submitted out of focus photo is submitted 6 years after the alleged incident. If “anonymous” was so outraged by this, why didn’t he immediately report the incident to the U.S. Coast Guard?

  8. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  9. Boris Abramov says:

    Max, why don’t you post it on the forum? I’m sure it would make a interesting discussion topic.

  10. Akhenathon says:

    It looks like any other Third World city.

    Where are the rats?

  11. D says:

    Yes, I do.

    That is nothing but talk… we hear the same kind of talk in the U.S all the time, but for us, its to protect the nation from “terroristic threats” under the “patriot act”. Which is another way of saying “we are taking your freedom, but disguising it as something else”, at least russian authorities arent as in your face deceptive.

    But on the topic of internet I can tell you this… Russian internet users will fight back and win. Russia has some of the worlds best hackers and they understand the value of the internet, there is no way russia would be dumb enough to censor it on the level of china and n korea, which are failed efforts by the way. That money would be better spent on developing an economy based on the internet.

    These discussions are probably more corruption and scam related than political opposition. You have to understand that to make the internet financially viable there have to be laws, freedom of speech is one thing, corruption is another.

  12. DrZhava73 says:

    Just looking at it gives me melanoma!

  13. fromukrainewithlove says:

    Max: Every country has its censorship, you just live in a fantasy democratic world that doesn’t exists. Whatever country you’re from there’s no such thing as democracy like Napoleon created and those american brainguys finished.

    Try typing the words: bomb USA kill Bush next week, now if next week the USA gets bombed and Bush gets killed, the CIA will be knocking on my door.

    Or do you think that if a Russian says: “well I don’t like Medvedev”, that the FSB will put him/her in gulag?? Those times are over.

    So finally, yes I wouldn’t mind living in Russia but since I’m from Ukraine I will return there when I finish my school.

    • maxD says:

      Actually the FSB is allowed to tap every telephone without a court order, both mobile and fixed lines; all telephone companies were forced to install equipment [at their own costs] that would make this possible.

      What is always surprising me is the bluntness with which these actions are introduced and the indifference of the average citizen. Numbed. For many people, in particular the older generation, it is like second nature to close the windows and talk in a whisper when something of importance is discussed. A remains from the communist times. Might prove to be useful today, again.

      As for censoring the internet, I think it will never work. A simple thing like having servers in a foreign country will already undermine any attempt to censorship.

      • fromukrainewithlove says:

        every country can tap off telephone conversations etc. without a court order. Only they can’t use it in court. Just like in Russia.

        Please don’t believe everything you hear and read. What you read in the newspapers is the opinion of ONE yournalist, and what you hear on the news espacially BBC and CNN is all checked by the country before it actually comes in the news.

        If you look at a situation look at it from 2/3 different point of views.

        • maxD says:

          You’re assuming something. I’m talking about actual legislation. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. And you can use it in court in Russia. Do some reading.

          In Russia the law is mainly for the government to keep the citizens in line, or so it seems. Try filing a lawsuit against the government. No problem if you have the stamina. You might even win. But then, try to get your compensation [it's usually about money] from the responsible ministry. Impossible. They just ignore you, even though you’re backed up by the law. A huge number of court cases is filed every year at the European Court of Human Rights. Filed by Russians against their government. In general, a useless exercise.

      • LOL says:

        Dudddee, I like overclocking FSB, for example last week I have managed to overclock my laptop 1.5ghz cpu to 2.0 ghz using a pin mod, short circuiting two pins on the actual cpu using a tiny wire. The FSB (front side bus was 400 mhz before, now it’s 533 mhz).

  14. Viktor Shpakov says:

    That is pretty nasty.

  15. VoDkA says:

    72 percent of all russias money is downtown Moscow? I thought all Russia made was vodka and Tetris.

  16. Sarah 3000 says:

    The river is not polluted at all.

    It is always like this in spring, because the snow is melting and takes ground with it in the river.

    So it is normal situation.

  17. Travler says:

    I went to Moscow a couple of months ago. That is ONE dirty city! Smoke stacks all over the place. I think the Russians need to adopt zoning laws. I saw factories built right next to housing. lol.

  18. muzhik says:

    Actually, China was just celebrating their status as the #1 polluter in the world! LOL


    I’m sure India would love to outdo them, eh? What say you, Miss India, your illustrious country ain’t much behind, is it?

    P.S. Don’t poop into the same river you drink from. I’m not sure if the concept of “bacteria” and “virus” has reached the boorish tribes of India yet, so just a heads-up.

  19. Texas1 says:

    I know Miss india he is gay from Texas

  20. Boris Abramov says:


  21. Boris Abramov says:

    Also fake.

  22. Boris Abramov says:

    True genius!

  23. marvin says:

    Dear Boris,
    I wrote a longish answer but for some odd reason it did not load up. I really couldn’t bother to write this again. In fact, I couldn’t bother to write anything to you at all (except for this short answer) – I just don’t see you possessing intelligence enough to comprehend even the simplest of things. So, cheerio, my dear chap and keep on spitting out the, errrr… , information about Estonia, or any other country you choose to think of as of one not up to your liking. Obviously, the perfect way for a country to deal with a Russian minority (but only Russian, mind you!) is to regard them as, at least, demigods and worship them, bringing them gifts of myrrh and gold and frankincense. And, of course, by giving them ones’ own homes to live in. Would that be satisfactory a solution for you with regard to the “racist and nazi” situation in Estonia, or whatever other country? Because if it is, I shall write a letter to the Estonian authorities, proposing this particular solution, and see to the execution of this.

    Take care

  24. John from Kansas says:

    …fines and hard time for polluters? Not with a court system packed with pro-corporate judges.

  25. Viperman the American says:

    Stop the fighting boys!!!!
    What we all want is to see is more pretty Russian girls in mini skirts and low cut shirts!!!!
    Bring on the girls!!!!
    It will cure all you nut jobs of your racist rants!!! If it doesn’t …..well, your just gay then.

  26. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  27. Pacific NW says:

    Just looks like an algea bloom to me.

  28. koger says:

    Dirty russian river. Everything is dirty and trashy in Russia.

  29. Mike says:

    the algae is probably from fertilizer run off

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