33 See-Through Lenin

See-Through Lenin

Posted on April 3, 2008 by

Lenin monument rusted  1

If yesterday there was a swimming Lenin, today we have a transparent Lenin.
You can literary see through his body. How is this possible? See inside of the post for more details:

Lenin monument rusted  2

Lenin monument rusted  3

Lenin monument rusted  4

Lenin monument rusted  5

Lenin monument rusted  6

via dymov

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33 Responses to “See-Through Lenin”

  1. sugar daddy says:

    you can see because there is a hole

  2. Kassen says:

    My anti-spam word for today: lenin

  3. CZenda says:

    Looks like there was a mold used to make enough of these statues to plague every village…?

  4. Pete says:

    I would totally buy that.

  5. dan says:

    and my anti spam is kgb, how fitting :)

  6. dan says:

    you can carve him some hair, put PUT instead of LEN and it would be the same thing in life and in looks

  7. alex says:

    my anti-spam word: siberia:-)

  8. Metalfusion says:

    if you guys haven’t quessed yet, every one of those anti-spam words are real words somehow related to russia or russians. For example mine was comrade :P
    (It’s not just pure luck with random characters as on nearly all other sites)

  9. Alex says:

    My anti-spam is vodka :)

  10. Miss India says:

    Poor old lenin. He is rotting and rusting away as is Russia.

  11. Akhenathon says:

    Not only Lenin, but Socialism was hollow. Nothing inside. Socialism is the distribution of misery.

    • D says:

      Communism does not equal socialism. Take a guess which one lenin stood for?

      • Zafarad says:

        You are right! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Lenin stands for his “Utopian”ideology,equality for all! ! ! ! !but due to some “technical” problems,created by head of people`s commissar,honorable Stalin he(Lenin)died so young.if he will survive few more years,socialist revolution will portray another picture to the world.God bless Lenin! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  12. Greg says:

    I think this statue has seen better days. I think better to remove it and put up some thing nice that the people can enjoy…

  13. Kramer says:

    That’s a bit sad acually, they should put up a new statue of Lenin.

  14. Wooshkaboom says:

    How fitting – a statue of a Russian with just holes where his heart and balls should be! :-D

  15. Catalyst says:

    Who knows what the USSR could have achieved had Lenin not been assassinated. It was no less than that. The bullet may not have outright killed him but it was essentially the killing blow to his crippling illnesses. Father Lenin has indeed outlived the very country he helped to create, and now lies in the Red Square, awaiting another man who is brave enough to take up the banner of Leninism.

    • CZenda says:

      One day, the tombs of Marx, Lenin, Mao and Che Guevara will open, and these four white knights in starry armor will ride towards the gates of Valhalla to meet the evil forces of capitalism in the valley of Armageddon for the final battle. Their enemies will include Hitler, Krupp, Roanald Reagan and Ronald McDonald, all of them in somewhat decayed zombie state.

      Who will win?
      Where is the number of the beast (666) included in the story?
      What Lenin song did the Frenchman sing after meeting Clodagh Rodgers on the beach?

  16. Jony says:

    abandoned idol of whole generations

  17. Louise says:

    Considering how many were made, you would think that there would be more Baby Lenin badges around.

  18. Rummukainen says:

    Diedushka is in “bad oxygen”

  19. Thermionic says:

    If you hate Socialism so much, keep an eye on America, they are a breath away from being the next socialist state!

  20. jakro64 says:

    Is this statue made from concrete?!? Maybe granite was a too expensive material to be used on a Lenin monument…?

  21. stmmann says:

    what caliber was that???

  22. ita says:

    ci vuole rispetto

  23. Mov says:

    Very bad. Where’s this statue ?

  24. Nemo says:

    Apparently the base of the monument was covered in granite but it was pillaged. At least someone written the name again…

    It is a sad state for this statue of Lenin, but considering how many of the were outright destroyed…

    This one looks like if vandals had tried to destroy it completely but couldn’t.

  25. Cloten says:

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