19 Rolls Royce isn’t Safe

Rolls Royce isn’t Safe

Posted on April 2, 2008 by

russian driver hits roll royce 1

Rich Russians driving cars like this Rolls Royce are risking a lot every minute to get scratches on their polished decks. This time Moscow Roll Royce driver decided to visit some industrial suburbs for some of his needs and got attacked by some small lorry.

russian driver hits roll royce 2

russian driver hits roll royce 3

russian driver hits roll royce 4

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19 Responses to “Rolls Royce isn’t Safe”

  1. sliders_alpha says:


  2. lenin says:


  3. keroro says:


  4. D says:

    Yes, We know.

  5. Miss India says:

    LOL that must be Russian Rolls Royce with Lada engine :D

  6. Demi Moore says:

    Did I touch a raw nerve?

  7. not exactly much of a crash, for all we know it could just have stopped close

  8. Northerner says:

    WOW! This is so newsworthy!

  9. STALIN says:


  10. YJ says:

    Use a lada or uaz the next time when you go outside of the city limit, because they can always be replaced for a fraction of the paint job done on the scratched Rolls Royce.

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