russian guy crashed nissan patrol 1

22 Bit Concerned

Bit Concerned

This guy looks bit concerned, isn't he?
Well, he is. Scroll down to see why.
Russian couple marriage in mc donalds 1

28 McDonalds Wedding

McDonalds Wedding

This Russian couple decided to held their marriage in a strange way. They went to Moscow subway and had a ceremony there
and then rode the train for fun. When all got hungry they went to the subway's McDonalds rest for some food.
8th of March  - women day is very popular in Russia 1

17 8th of March: Fail

8th of March: Fail

Tomorrow is the day that Russian women like most. They like it more than any other day in the year, more than St. Valentines day or Mother's Day. This tradition comes from the Soviet Times and was very widely celebrated across Soviet Russia. All the women of Russia put their
best cloths, tons of make up and go to their work places not to work but to accept congratulations, flowers and presents from the men of Russia. This decided to congratulate his passion early. But according to the last picture she was not alone!
Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 1

68 Ballots Art 2008

Ballots Art 2008

As you know there were some elections a few days ago in Russia. The new president was chosen. Some Russians decided to use all their art skills in decorating the ballots and then made photos of them right at the election place before putting it inside the voting booth. This papers on photos are ballots. A list of four candidates with a place to put a check sign. Here is a few examples of how they voted (some are not too much translatable, the one
above is "Preved Medved" thing, it came out from the very popular internet mem of 2006, when someone has posted this image with a bear ("medved" in Russian), saying "Preved!" (Hello!). For some reason it became very popular and got across all the country very fast, then later many more uses of this bear were in ads etc. Some find the word "medved" correlates with the new Russian presidents second name.
Russian Police School 1

77 Russian Police School

Russian Police School

This photographer has visited a Russian
Police school and shares his photos.
Russian drive thru 1

37 Drive Thru

Drive Thru

Drive thru,
Russian way again.
Russian presidental elections 1

38 Past Elections

Past Elections

As you might have noticed there were presidential elections of president yesterday in Russia. Not much to tell about them, but we have found some cool
elections propaganda from the past elections, back from 90s. "Buy your food for the last time" reads the one above. See more down there:

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