bus crashes bus stop in st. petersburg 1

18 The Bus Misses Stop

The Bus Misses Stop

This bus in St. Petersburg, Russia,
has missed its stop badly.
19 Gangsta Pop

Gangsta Pop

Mikhail Krug (the singer) was very popular
in Russia. He was found dead later.
This order failed, guy ordered laptop but got just two stones 5

50 The Post Order Fail

The Post Order Fail

This Russian guy has ordered his brand new SONY laptop via DHL. He waited a few days and when he
got the package he was so excited. He passionately tore the box and found there...
car covered with snow driving across streets of Russia 1

27 Snow Driving

Snow Driving

This guy decided not to clean up his car and went driving like this. Nobody seems to
care about the car with tons of snow on its windshield cruising around
Just a minute before a Storm in Russia 1

38 Just a Minute Before the Storm

Just a Minute Before the Storm

This Russian photographer has managed to make photos of the same place just a
minute before the storm and a few minutes after the storm has begun.
cat jumping with parachute
104 Biggest Cat Jump

Biggest Cat Jump

This old man had a cat. He loved his cat. Also he loved the parachute jumping stuff. So he thought that his cat has to jump too
in order to show him the real thing. Cats love to jump. And they made it. The biggest cat jump ever. via life.ru
many suns in russia 1

39 Multiple Suns Again

Multiple Suns Again

Again a phenomena of multiple suns has appeared in Russian skies. It's not something unique,
it happened before and it looks really nice. There is also a video down there.
Russian wooden architecture 1

197 Abandoned Wooden Miracles

Abandoned Wooden Miracles

Some other masterpieces of Russian medieval wooden architecture were found abandoned. Some of them look like they are just left -
even some furniture stays on its places. The reason they are so undisturbed - it stays deep inside the Russian forests.
drunk tank driver
59 The Drunk Tank

The Drunk Tank

Don drink and drive, especially if you a tank driver! Maybe
this guy didn't know about this rule? See the video below:
Russian security services 1

22 Security Service Guards: An Employee

Security Service Guards: An Employee

When you are planning going to Russia you are probably always considering all the security issues you may encounter there. Like you need to get a good bodyguard to get a cool protection from all that bears and drunks. Well, when you
go, you can try hiring guys from this company. As you can see from this pictures he can sleep right on the floor near your hotel entrance and meanwhile have his socks drying, in order to be always with good smell.

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